Thursday, 17 September 2009

Gies a drink, and a book...

I was going to blog on our laughable national newspaper's bizarre lead story today - the best Scottish headline of the year:
Scotland's alcohol problem: 'I drink to get out my face and fall asleep'

No shit Sherlock; cue more hand wringing, inflated 'cost to society' guestimates and oppressive legislation - to the dubious benefit of the self righteous do gooders, fake charities and single issue life stealers, not us.

Please leave us alone, I live in 21st century Scotland and it's a badly educated, ambition crushing and rude country full of parsimonious people represented by second rate politicians and press, not to mention the weather; No wonder we drink too fuckin' much, you would too if you had to live in this shithole - and oh the beautiful irony of this being the same newspaper who participated in childish hand wringing over the demise of a Whisky plant in Kilmarnock (Breaking News: Ayrshire died decades ago!); are they suggesting we should populate the country with tee-total drinks industry employees manufacturing alcohol for the rest of the world??? Is it any wonder Grounds-keeper Willie, Sean, Scotty, Billy and millions of others joined the diaspora...

But after hours of research I could not find one iota of evidence of the claims that alcohol costs Scotland 75% of its share of the annual NHS budget - no surprise there then?

So instead I finished Dan Brown's latest yarn 'The Lost Symbol', a good read - it was peppered with the usual technical inaccuracies, it is fiction efter aw, but nonetheless a fast paced intelligent story. Brown's fiction is finely balanced with a suitable and convincing factual background - should do the tourist business in Washington no harm, thinking of booking a flight myself...

Loved this spoof on the hype around the release of The Lost Symbol.


  1. I wrote some posts on a site a couple of years ago when the SNP first mooted their intention of sobering Scotland up and the MSM started telling us we were a nation of drunks. I pointed out that every other European nation as well as Australia were shoveling the same shit.

    I came to the conclusion that Bilderberg had decided we were having too much fun - either that or Muslims had taken over the world while I was on a bender - so instructed the "nations" to turn off the taps.

    Gie us hope - gie us a future - or gie us a beer.

  2. Thanks scunnert, it's a depressing anti drink onslaught that leaves me feeling like a patronised child - it was inevitable after the killjoy's anti-smoking successes. Really upsets me and is making me look seriously at emigration. Canada or US...

  3. a drink and a book the other thing being optional you know what i mean

  4. Drugs or sex?

    Don't do the former anymore...

    What does that mean then?