Saturday, 26 September 2009

I love blogging, just not my blog...

If you have ever had to learn a musical instrument, one you wanted to learn, you might recognise that moment of clarity when you have put the basics behind you and feel empowered, that moment when you have climbed the technique slope and internalised all that is required to play competently.

And then?

With all of the potential to play anything - there are only 12 notes after all; you see yourself setting new standards and composing groundbreaking material until the day you meet a natural talent; one who makes you want to cut off your fingers and drop your beloved noise machine off at the local charity shop - or better; crush/burn it in a fit of self inadequacy and contempt for this cruel world.

Well in a rather clumsy metaphor for blogging, that's where I find myself...

I arose this morning filled with the joys of a bright Edinburgh autumnal day and set to writing that one blog entry that would salve my tortured raging soul - encapsulate the frustration I feel with all that is wrong in this fucked up existence and make the rest of the bloggy-sphere sit up and take notice.   And then I realised i'd been soundly beaten into last place, blog ranking 9 to the power of a googleplex - so in the hope of some self aggrandisement - and looking for their talent to rub off on me, here are some examples of why I feel like an amateur:

A Very British Dude tackles a very unlikely subject for him, and despite my feminist liberal anger bubbling just under the surface I think he got it right by god.

The charmingly monikered Pig Dog Fucker tackles a subject close to my heart, freedom of speech, using the thorniest of examples on the awesome Devil's Kitchen - a blog I hope to photocopy one day, 'cos that's the closest i'll ever get.

Marina Hyde, the MSM whore I can't ignore (perhaps I should take up poetry?), takes the wind out of the Brown Obama snub story that has tiresomely dominated the media this week in her own style - M&Ms and Diptyque candles???

Jeff over at SNP-Tactical voting gets all in-depth and analytical on the Irish vote on the Treaty of Lisbon - the result?  A triumph of balanced reportage which concludes in a call for real Eurpoean debate and democracy - huzzah!

One of the things I love about blogging is how often I gain an insight to a subject and learn something from other bloggers; often individuals, who on the surface of it, hold opinions and beliefs that would have been an anathema to me in the past - you know, the kind of people you ask to "wait right there" whilst you go inside and load your shotgun.  One such is JuliaM over at Ambush Predator; you know what? She talks a lot of sense that woman does - read and weep! I did, oh yeah I laughed and flamed too - you won't see it coming...

Finally peace to all the bloggers out there and thank you for adding to the richness of what my favourite ex-pat Tom Paine's post referred to yesterday as "citizen journalism" - long may it prosper.

Now where can I get my laptop crushed?


  1. Polaris

    If you ever get to feeling intimidated by Marina Hyde, just remind yourself that she used to shag Piers Morgan.

    That should sort it.

  2. Yikes, really? Oh god I really shouldn't visualise...

  3. Not everyone can achieve the dizzying heights of of cut "n" paste as demonstrated by my wee blog. Yer dain fine hen.

  4. LOL scunnert, I aspire to that... Isn't all intellectual endeavour plagirism?

  5. The truly irritating thing is that Morgan is now shagging the statuesque, nay Amazonian, Telegraph uber-babe Celia Walden.

    There truly is no justice.

    If there were, by now someone would have locked Morgan inside a warehouse full of squaddies and left them to it.

    The police would never find the body, or any parts thereof.

  6. LOL sm753 - can't think of a much more deserving target than Piers, well actually maybe one or two. Does that mean they will take their Hexi stoves with them?