Sunday, 20 September 2009

Pictoral analogy for sudden unexpected demise

Pick your own perpetrator and victim, I have a few in mind...

Image: Photographer unknown via Izismile

Hattip: More here


  1. Polaris

    is that you in the Header pic only i always imagined you as being fat and
    not sexy at all with a big hang up with the E.U.....same as subrosa

  2. Now that would be telling, after the juankerr thing you know how reclusive i've become - he's still out there lost in paranoid conspiracy theory land. A bit unfair on Subrosa though - I bet she's dead glam...

  3. Hoi - Nicko - having seen a pic of Subrosa I can attest that the botox and cosmetic surgery worked a treat. She's a wee stoater so she is. BTW - all progressive thinkers are opposed to the EU.

    Glad yer back Polaris - yer wan ae the mair intelligent bloggers.

  4. Oh ye of little is a pic of Sunbrosa all Glammed for a big night out down at the U.K.I.P Ball