Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sick note

Well I find myself stuck inside suffering from the flare up of a pretty nasty injury I picked up many years ago.

In between visits from my best friend and, to be honest, rather frightening dreams - I thought I might share with you the antagonist from one of the dreams.

The background is simple, in the early 90s I was working in Germany and myself and some colleagues decided to go to a rather upmarket restaurant for a slap up dinner.  Traditional German food, in my opinion is wonderful; if a bit oversized in the portion department, it's generally bursting with flavour and ingredients. It's a rare occasion indeed to leave a German restaurant without being stuffed to the gills, if you can actually stand up.

So I asked the Oberkellner for a recommendation, and without hesitation he recommended a dish called "Karpfen Blau".  Now I know carp aren't blue in colour, and was concerned the blau referred to it being raw - "no no" I was assured, this a special German recipe often served on Good Friday and Christmas.  Being a bit of a fish fan I took him up on his recommendation.

I can't find my original photograph, but this is pretty close, at the time I joked that it's eyes were following me around the table -  now it's chasing me through my nightmares...

Why have you come back to haunt me Herr Karpfen?  My friend would tell me it's a zen thing, I ate it ergo I should be haunted by it - nonetheless it's the most terrifying nightmare I've had in a long time.

One last thought: If you do find yourself in a decent restaurant in Hamburg and the waiter recommends this dish, just bear in mind - it's for life...


  1. Doesn't look too appetizing I must admit. H'd stick tae the taties and mince. Hope yer feelin better soon.

  2. I mind this, it's the mixture of herbs, vinegar and berries that turns it blue, or so I was led to believe at the time...

  3. I think you are correct Conan, but to be honest haven't really looked up a recipe...