Friday, 25 September 2009

Two birds with one Mandrill

Shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt was obviously looking for a genie yesterday when he commented
"I wish (I wish, I wish) they would go and look for some Conservatives to be part of their news-gathering team, because they have acknowledged that one of their problems is that people who want to work at the BBC tend to be centre-left"
There are so many puzzling aspects to this astounding utterance and stupid statements of this ilk do nothing to dissuade me of the suspicion that the touchy-feelly Cameron Conservatives are no less out of touch than their predecessors.

Now notwithstanding the legal problems posed to any employer who discriminates in their recruitement on the basis of political party membership, does Mr Hunt really believe that only left leaning job seekers apply to the BBC? I'd love to see his conclusive evidence for that - at times the BBC appears to be pretty conservative (small c) to me, often tying itself in knots as it tries to maintain it's impartiality.  That impartiality can only ever leave left or right wing audiences dissatisfied, in fact by implication anyone with a strong opinion on any subject will feel unrepresented.  Surely if you want the news to reflect your views and opinions you are looking for propaganda?

Try comparing the BBC news to that offered by some other news sources - The Guardian, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Sky and Al Jazeera all spring to mind as valid comparisons - considerably less impartial and with tacit, some may say sinister, agendas.

On the same day the BBC announced the end of the "autocutie" (love it) and have said they will put more older women on screen.

In light of Jeremy's plea, and the BBC's commitment - what about Margaret Thatcher as a news presenter?  I can picture it now; perched atop a mountain of incontinence pads, her cracked voice asking for "her Bernard", wondering why the Daleks only visit on a Tuesday and frantically searching for her front door in her handbag...

Oh bring it on...


  1. Watching BBC news over in NA one gets the impression that the UK is mostly populated with young women and men "of colour". Apparently the predicted demise of the indigenous population has already happened?

    As for the quality of the reporting - woeful. I'd rather watch CNN or Al Jezeera.

  2. he he he - "where are my marble?"