Wednesday, 16 September 2009

UN Gaza war crimes report - Final score 1100-13

There were considerable concerns over his impartiality when Judge Goldstone was appointed to head the UN Gaza war crimes investigation in April this year, even the Judge expressed surprise in this from the New York Times.

Goldstone said he was ''shocked, as a Jew,'' to be invited to head the mission.

''It adds an additional dimension,'' said Gladstone, who is on the board of governors at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. ''I've taken a deep interest in what happens in Israel. I'm associated with organizations that have worked in Israel. And I believe I can approach the daunting task that I have accepted in an evenhanded and impartial manner.''

The report was released yesterday and clearly lays out the case for war crimes against Israel, in their use of intentional and disproportionate force and complete disregard for civilian life.

Both the Israeli government (below) and Hamas, have rejected the report - which is a good indication that it is a fair reflection of the facts.

The interview below with an Israeli spokesman who makes the assertion the "we will not apologise for the fact that we are stronger than our enemies", and compares the role of the imprisoned, mainly civilian, population of beseiged Gaza to Germany in WWII demonstrates just how intent the Israeli's are on ignoring international condemnation and continuing the persecution of their neighbours. Israel's military and political stance is breeding extremism throughout the Islamic world, rightly or wrongly others see their shared supernatural belief with the victims of Israeli action to be an important bond.

The inability of the west to resolve the Israeli issue is the principal reason we all live in fear of terrorism - not Pakistan nor Afghanistan, the sooner we deal with the "Middle East Problem" decisively the better. Even the innocent sounding "Middle East Problem" is an equivocation created by an embarrassed west, problems are flat tyres and broken broadband not 1100 civilians dead at the hands of one of the best equipped armies in the world.


  1. The fact you are stronger doesnt give you the right to ignore the human rights and to act the same way or even worse as Hitler did.
    last year i have visited yad vashem museum and the next day west bank. I just can not understand, how the nation with such an horrible experience can do the similar things to another nation in such a short time history. lorne

  2. Hi life insurance, you are absolutely right, an apposite observation from your travels. We do not tolerate bullies in any other social or political sphere, if North Korea had visited the same violence upon South Korea NATO and the UN would be digging in their intervention forces - so why not in defence of the Palestinians?

  3. the reasons are clear; the palestinians have launched over 8,000 missiles against Israel.

    Would Canada subject her population to 8,000 rockets? No

    Would any country [as Israel had done] telephone the civilian population so that they should move before a battle?