Saturday, 26 September 2009

What dog are you?

Purely for the purposes of indulging my innate misanthropy, and to further increase the volume of abusive email I receive, I thought it would be amusing to speculate on what dog breed the supporters of the various UK political parties are.  So as I set up a new Google email account, feel free to comment:

Conservatives - Pekingese, strong willed, will try to dominate the family group - In the past venerated familiars of the Chinese imperial families; cosseted, guarded, pampered, theirs was a life of luxury and privilege
Labour - Cerberus, multi headed mythical breed (usually 3) - a dog unable to resolve its internal conflict, without direction and unable to decide where it stands on anything other than bodily functions.  Permanently lost, and full of shit on account of it eating for three.
Lib Dems -  The Afghan Hound, likeable but stupid, hard to train and nigh on impossible to get to do anything worthwhile on account of its inability to grasp reality
BNP - Siberian Husky, intolerant of other dogs, pets and animals - a pack dog who is quick to turn
SNP - Nodding dogs, not so much a breed as a genotype I know - anything the party does in government is nodded through as long as it gets its stage in the back window of the car as it leaves England behind

Woof woof!