Friday, 25 September 2009

What were you doing on 29th May 1981?

It was a Friday, and at this time of the day I was digging out my tightest black jeans, a vest top and a bandanna thing (dunno why either); showered, hair washed and blown dry, preened and polished...

Last check before I went out; khaki canvas shoulder bag with the essentials - Contax 35mm SLR, Ilford black and white and Fuji colour film, flashgun and batteries, and the other stuff us girls carry - this was a time before mobile phones, mp3 players and other such fripperies...

Nite Club Edinburgh here I come, the band tonight: Theatre of Hate in the hottest, sweatiest and coolest venue in the town, and I fancied them all. Ah them were days - enjoy

Note: This is the only decent video I could find - and neatly it was John Peel's first TOTP in 14 years!


  1. I was waiting for news of my best mate, who had been on HMS Coventry.

  2. Did he serve in the Falklands? My best friend at the time was going out with a Matelot on HMS Invincible.

  3. Aye he did.
    He was an RO, on HMS Coventry, but all the conscripted civvy vessels needed to be in the Navy net, so they scraped experienced people from all over to man them.

    He would have been exactly where the Exocet hit otherwise.

    He was on the Geesteport.

  4. Yeah I worked for BP at the time of the Falklands (fortunately studying), most of our tankers were fitted with RAS decks and sent south to the Falklands - a couple of them were hit, fortunately no damage, just holes in their decks and live ordnance in the tanks...

  5. Your mate had more than his share of luck! Horrid and pointless conflict.

  6. The day before I'd just bought my first house. Yes I know I was kinda old by today's values, but I had to save a decent deposit and that took a few years.

    Also being a woman it was very difficult to get a mortgage - 3 national companies turned me down.

  7. It was the night before my birthday and I was working in a maximum security unit with really nasty young punks.

    I used to use Ilford HP4 in the old days - great grainy texture especially if you gave it a push.