Thursday, 22 October 2009

AmBush House

I have little time for Nick Griffin and the BNP, but the mega-over-hyped BBC Question Time appearance this evening had all the hallmarks of a set-up; an audience stacked against him, under fire from all sides with little or no chance given him to answer questions, rebut or criticise - not to mention a biased chair and an unfair share of air time.  Hardly a fair hearing for the leader of a party that secured 1 million votes methinks.

Good point about Jack's dad though, watching Mr Straw squirm made it all worth it...

Free speech - that's a two way street innit?


  1. Och come on Polaris, would you really have liked more people to have agreed with HIM?

  2. I didn't get to see it but saw bits on YouTube - looked more like a roast than a political discussion. Not very satisfying.

  3. Skanky little shrug from Jack when nailed by Griffin.
    How come the Beeb facilitated the invasion of its' property in the late afternoon just in time for the early evening TV and Radio news to get all excited ?

  4. Just watched the whole thing on YouTube. Ambush indeed. Hostile audience - hostile panel - hostile host - and a thousand outside baying for blood.

    They must be really scared.

  5. The whole thing was very predictable. No one with the slightest interest in politics would have learnt much from the programme.

  6. Just to be clear here, I would advocate a fair hearing for Nick Griffin. If given I suspect he would have continually shot himself in the foot, the one non-BNP qusetion revealed that his party would not support sex-education in primary schools. A situation that would lead to many Girls going through puberty, not knowing anything about it - not a vote winner.

  7. Unhindered free speech is a street which can lead all the way to Auschwitz.

    everybody is saying he looked and sounded like an idiot,bigot you know the normal load of insults.

    'BUT' they said the same about Hitler Mussolini, Franco,Milosevic

    speech has never been free it is always paid for with the blood of free men and women

  8. Mr M, "he looked like an idiot,bigot" - that's a bad thing?

    I think you flatter him with your comparisons, those individuals were considerably more charismatic and articulate than Griffin, and vitally had large sections of the army and armed militia behind them.

    Until they raise a militia or some Generals come out in support of Griffin and the BNP we may as well let him lose face in debate - it's more fun too!

  9. I have to agree with Polaris on her take on Question Time but i thought the jibe from Griffin on Straws grandfather was pure evil.

    But thats what we expect from people like Griffen.

    Anyway if the BBC thought Griffin was good enough to come onto his program then they should had been fair about it.

    BBC=balls up.