Saturday, 17 October 2009

Barking porcine innumerate arrogant SOB to be spit roast

£65,000 per annum is the basic salary for an MP. There are 365 days in a year (I know, don't say it or I will hunt you down and murder you in a calculator related attack) and 24 hours in each day - so that's 8760 hours in a year, we can agree on that, can we not?

So how can this be credible:
David Wilshire, the Conservative MP who paid more than £100,000 of expenses to his own company, has complained that he works “dangerously close” to working the minimum wage.

It has emerged that Mr Wilshire complained about his MP’s salary and long hours to trainee journalists at a meeting in Westminster this week.

“I work 60 to 70 hours a week some weeks,” he said, according to various reports.

“When you look at what I earn, it comes dangerously close to working out as the minimum wage.”
Now assuming David Wonky Wilshire actually spent all of that time, all 8760 hours without interruption on the professional indolence he mistakes for real a job, his basic hourly rate would be £7.42 not the national minimum wage of £5.80.  That is of course a ridiculous proposition, he freely admits he also runs another business to which he diverted some £105,500 from his allowances.

Just how stupid does this patronising wanker think the general public are?  Honestly I cannot be bothered to wheel out any more insults - he should not be allowed to step down. Instead he should be forced to take a Job Centre Plus advertised minimum wage job; 12 months at £5.80 per hour, 40 hours a week might teach this repugnant individual a degree of humility.

"Dangerously on the minimum wage" is the reality for a significant percentage of the working population David; your self comparison is a breathtaking insult for which you deserve to roast...


  1. And this fool represents folks who actually live on minimum wage - folks who have to string two or three part time jobs together just to get by. I'd love to meet the bastard in a dark alley.

    "Just five minutes, Worm your honour, him and me alone!"

  2. many! many! years ago i watched some Tory mps being interviewed on the TV when one of the MPs gave the very same argument........saying his constituents were never off his mind all day every day

    Julian Critchley Tory MP(with a sense of humor hence not popular with the thatcherite wing)

    looked at him and said 'we will have to make you our shop steward saying things such as that'..........much laughter in studio to the chagrin of the other Tory MP

  3. That fucker is a disgrace to any party, sadly an all to typical example of the political class that believes they can talk down to the plebs.

  4. Niko - brass knuckles for that bastard - aye - and bicycle chains anaw.

  5. @scunnert, I can loan you a substantial handbag, with a brick in it - suggest you clobber Mr M first - for testing purposes you understand.

    I honestly believe very few of the now mainly "professional politicians" have any understanding of what 'real work' entails. The loss of dignity, long hours, high taxes and risible salaries we all accept as a necessary price to survive.

    @Fido - I really did run out of abusive adjectives trying to write this post - nothing I could conjure up comes close to describing the scale of his insult to all of us - just an utter parasite..

  6. Patronising yes. Wanker? Definately. But your maths needs attention. You can't use 24 hours a day in the calculation. Even us real poor bastards on minimum wage don't earn £5.80 for hours not at work.

  7. I know lenko - just a little arithmetical poetic licence - the comparison stands though. Mr Wilshires implication was that the long hours of self imposed hand wringing over the legislative process and the concerns of his constituents would be "dangerously close" to the minimum wage. Even taken to the most ridiculous extreme, as this was, his self-pitying assertion does not stand up.

  8. Lenko - I did say "That is of course a ridiculous proposition".

    I meant to say thanks for the comment - and a gold star for your arithmetic...