Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A charismatic Tony Blair?

David Millipede, the fresh faced Foreign Secretary and rejected progeny of a bizarre failed top-secret chimera experiment involving Tony Blair and an insect, was literally gushing from every leaky orifice yesterday over the prospect of Tony Blair as president of the EU super state.  Sycophantile as only a genuine arse-licker can be, he espoused his desire for Tony Blair's motorcade to stop traffic, finishing his exercise in gut wrenching effusiveness with the flourish "why would anybody reject a candidate such as 'charismatic Tony Blair'."

Charismatic, really David, really?  Tell me; where would one get a 'charismatic Tony Blair'? Is that the same fantasy world in which we would find;
  • A down to earth Brian Sewell
  • Another New Labour election victory
  • The Conservative party actually going to war with New Labour, guns 'n all
  • A modest Alex Salmond
  • A sober journalist
  • An honest politician
  • A subtle Australian
  • A fair legal system
  • A smaller state
  • A Labour party that represents the ordinary person
  • Free market banking
  • Dinosaurs in zoos
  • The right to go about your legal business without interference from the state
  • A large UK manufacturing base
  • Free pogo sticks for everyone

Actually that's my kinda place, er well, apart from the Labour re-election and the Tony thing...


  1. This is a joke. This is all a joke.

    Mother forgive me.

    "Eddie Blake’s joke is the irony that the people to whom he is cruel are the ones from whom he derives his license for cruelty. Despite fighting crime, he thrives on Chaos and destruction. He ignores all social conventions in an all-encompassing expression of total philosophical nihilism."

    Read more: http://classic-comics.suite101.com/article.cfm/watchmen_character_profiles_the_comedian#ixzz0V8QoYvYh

    "Eddie Blake aka The Comedian or if you like the Elected politician

  2. You've answered your question of yesterday.

    "Free market barking dinosaurs in loos"

    Worth its weight in wagon wheels.

  3. "A Prime Minister with depth perception." LMAO

  4. Thanks niko, I get the connection - excuse me for not being a comic fan, quite apposite.

    Incoming - Thanks, remember Wagon wheels, what were they about? Plastic foam and soggy biscuit in vegeolat...

    Sunnert - I hid that one in the middle, I laughed when it came to me...