Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Downfall of Edinburgh

I know it has become a bit of a tradition to create a Downfall video for virtually anything and it's getting a bit tired.  This one still managed to make me laugh out loud albeit a laugh tinged with the bitterness only an Edinburgh resident can feel about the bombsite our city has become; dedicated to the project that is the Edinburgh trams debacle, the completely shot suspension on my car and the vanity of our toon cooncillors...

While the fuckwits up at council towers are looking at the past through rose tinted specs what about bringing back rickets, body-snatching, cholera, open sewers and gardyloo?  Now that is our authentic past...

Thanks to EdinburghsGhost


  1. Polaris

    You seen that speechbreaker yet made me laugh

  2. Yeah, its hilarious Mr M. "He said C**T!" Spent an hour playing with it last night.