Wednesday, 14 October 2009


GoAth is the Aramaic word for the 'Hill of Death' or 'mount of execution', also known as Golgotha and later promulgated as Calvary by the rewriters of that best selling piece of fiction, much beloved of shysters and dictators - The New Testament.

The hill on the outskirts of the old city was the preferred site of public execution for the Roman rulers of Jerusalem; fraudsters, thieves and murderers drew their last breath atop this lonely rock.

So imagine my surprise when I noticed the subliminal but apposite similarities between this website and the original derivation of the word...


... I've not long finished that new Dan Brown book.

And I'm still ill, okay!

EDIT: If you wish to check the veracity of my research have a look here - now that's a definitive translation project, or extreme boredom!


  1. P when TPTB decide to put the boot in they send the creatives of death round to help you, that's what's happened here, it is a clear mark of extermination.

    GO4th. Muppets.

  2. Hiya Incoming, a bit slow on account of the lurgy - TPTB?

  3. I have been to Golgotha and then to Christs tomb which is about a few yards from where he was crucified........When i asked a relgious friend how come in the bible Jesus is taken down and then moved to his tomb the distance is a lot further than a few feet.she said thats why she wouldn't go to the holy sites as it challenged her beliefs.

  4. Probaly means i get to go to heaven having done my pilgrimage.

  5. What is "shadowy" about the Taxpayers Alliance ?

  6. @Banned - nothing at all, if anything they are well and truly out of the shadows given Prezzas complaints about their very high media profile. If New Labour think the TPA are wrong, they should engage in debate not mud-slinging - yeah I know I'm delusional, like that would ever happen.

    @Mr M - we are in hell already, you've just not noticed hun...