Sunday, 4 October 2009


As I mentioned a few days ago I'm pretty ill, and unfortunately things are no better after a week on industrial strength broad spectrum antibiotics - my misery neatly rounded off by the fact that I've spent 5 days without a complete nights sleep, I  don't remember seeing so many 3AMs since I worked night shift.  If my blogging is a tad intermittent, I apologise; in the meantime I'll leave it to Scott Adams to make a point in his own inimitable style - see you soon, I hope...


  1. Auch polaris, I do hope you get better soon. Maybe another dose of horse medicine is called for. :)

  2. Sorry to hear that, Polaris: I hope that you get better very soon.


    P.S. Word verification: "uncest".

    No comment.

  3. Commiserations:

    I Am Sick
    by Michael Charles Messineo

    Being sick clouds my mind

    I am sick
    I feel like crap
    my nose is leaking
    just want to nap

    My sight is blurry
    my throat just hurts
    read medicine labels
    for caution alerts

    been drinking juices
    and blowing my nose
    my body screams aches
    from head to my toes

    won't go to the doctor
    will just stay in bed
    while gibberish poems
    dance in my head

    just watching TV
    screening old movies
    will old characters help
    and simply behoove me

    I'm seeking ideas
    my head in a cloud
    quiet shy ladies
    or men who are loud

    The story lines blur
    as I fall fast asleep
    thoughts are all jumbled
    some goofy some deep

    I wake up and ponder
    what time is it now
    juice and more vitamins
    give false hope somehow

    I hate being sick
    my mind doesn't work
    I wish I was healthy
    my normal self quirk.