Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Liberty - woo hoo

At last - my Doctor informs me that I am officially "on the mend", though it looks like I will need a "little operation" (is there such a thing?), nevertheless being able to move is a reason for celebration after the last fortnight, and just in time for my birthday!

A song for me, courtesy of the genius that is Partridge and Moulding

Liberty - woo hoo


  1. Glad to see you back. XTC - one of my all time favourites. OMG - Andy sure looks young there.

  2. Is it your Plumbing its always the plumbing with it?

    No i dont want to know because if you are like Mrs M you will go on and on about your Plumbing as (women always do).

    when we meet her some of Mrs M friends who she hasn't seen for a while..I say Oh! you want to hear the 'STORY' and lean on something for quite a while

    Mrs M has spend the last two years having hers adjusted tinkered with and operated on (she is alright for the last six months so far)

    believe me I know it all from
    a prolapse womb to a Gall bladder removal and everything in between.

    so is it your no i dont want to know...well is it?

  3. Hi guys, thanks for your kind words- and yes you're on the money Mr M, hey there is a first time for everything, right?

    XTC - They were quality, scunnert - a different class of fan too! (depressingly 1978, would you believe?)