Thursday, 1 October 2009

Sheeple vs Individuals

I heard the term "sheeple" for the first time the other day, well I think it was - but perhaps it was just the first time that I'd caught it's meaning.
Sheeple n. pl. : red top reading, celebrity obsessed, shopping addicts with an unhealthy fixation for any TV derived phone-in opportunity that will cost them a third of their weekly income in the mistaken belief that they are participating in democrarsey, whilst wondering to themselves if they are clever enough to take part in Deal or no Deal or some other idiot wankfest that rewards sub-jellyfish intelligence with money, or maybe Golden Fucking Balls, and even if they're "Broken Golden Balls" they're still worth money, bet that surprised you - anyway what the fuck is "broken gold" when it's at home; did you loose some electrons down the back of the couch in an alchemical accident or did your obese moron child nick some protons to pawn for Greggs pies?

You probably get the idea, I could have doubled the length of the preceding sentencegraph and still be standing in a pool of bile wondering when it will end...

Simples conclusion coming up now -

What the hell is wrong with this picture? The sheeple are afraid of this picture; it's creating a fuss - they are 'under fire' - not the idle curiosity that generally follows the first public pictures of a prime minister's progeny, oh no - it's because the two lovely daughters of the Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero chose to wear their own clothes (what's the alternative?) - a bit too much colour for my liking but they seem pretty relaxed about their "goth getups" (as the NY Daily News kindly put it).  Like ANY father could dictate the clothing choices of his teenage daughters...

After all there is fuck all else important happening on our planet, you can see the sheeple's journalists pondering their final layout now...
"Let's capture THE zeitgeist in a poll"

"We'll poll our readers on pulling out of Afghanistan"

"No, no, i've got it - on second thoughts, lets go for - Do you think criticism of the girls' goth attire is justified?"

Please please can us non-homogenised Homo sapiens have a fucking planet of our own? NOW

We might not have to go so far though, I hear the Moon may be a possibility; water, cheese and clowns...  Perfick

PS: posted at an impressive 03:18 (am), 'cos i'm sore and can't sleep - wonder if it's affecting my sanity?


  1. I think so, think of those old women in dusty villages - all in black with the donkey in tow. Mind you don't know how Goth donkeys are, they do have dark rings around their eyes right enough...

  2. P, the really weird thing is that none of them look like they have any relationship with any other member present ever, at all, not conceivably.

    Only these guys break the 6 degrees of separation theorem in all of creation ever and ever.

    And they are part of our "LEADERSHIP"?

    My theorem. "Leaders are just followers without bananas".