Friday, 23 October 2009

Squirm Darling Squirm

I've caught a bit of the rolling exercise in repetition known as BBC News 24 today, and the sight of a shell shocked badger faced chancellor confront the reality of the worst economic downturn since records began in 1955 is an edifying spectacle.  I bet Alistair is glad the records don't go back any further...

The man at the joystick, so to speak, tried to play down the bleak figures published today by the ONS and insisted that he remained confident that the economy would eventually “begin to see a difference”, but that it would take time.

To use a topical metaphor - I can hear the drone of a blazing Spitfire as it spirals towards the ground Alistair, I'm just wondering when you will bail out?  Go on, do us a favour...


  1. Good metaphor Polaris. The Hun is smirking at our discomfort.

  2. What's he waiting for? A peerage perhaps?

  3. Aye... and we were the ones "best placed" to recover.... what a joke. Seems like we missed our turn and the French and Germans just grabbed it. Or maybe they were lying to us all along.....

    The peerage is almost certainly his Scunnert. Sickening isn't it.

  4. Thank you Incoming, I thought so

    Tris & Scunnert - Isn't that where they put all old Labour politicians out to grass?

    Best placed tris? That might require something other than call centres and finance - like real industry?

  5. at the turn of the year...what?????

    is that November,December,January,February,march even April

  6. Ah yes Polaris... real industry, the sort of thing Mrs Thatcher got rid of, and maybe Labour (the clue is in the name) might just possibly have thought of trying in some small way to restore. But they didn't bother. if you got the middle class in England on side, you don't need the workers, do you?

    Certainly Labour doesn't do what it says on the tin, and I'll never buy them again.

    Yep. In the good old days the Prime Minister and maybe the Foreign Secretary got an Earldom and that was it. Now every Tom, "Dick" and Jacquie get put into the so-called "upper" house.

    It's cheapened the honour. When I think House of Lords my mind goes immediately not to regal old men in silly robes, but to a group of spivs. A bunch of second hand snake oil salesmen on the make.