Thursday, 22 October 2009

Truth and Lies

But this truth is more obvious than the sun - here it is; look at it; its brightness blinds you:
  • Google Chrome is a browser, that is an application
  • Windows 7 is an operating system, within which applications run
Google Chrome is only available for the Windows operating system. Versions for MAC OS X and two of the many flavours of Linux are under development in a spin off project called Chromium.

Applications and Operating Systems are not the same thing, Google are not competing with the Windows operating system. Their cloud applications do compete with the Microsoft Office application suite but that's an entirely different kettle of worms. To access Google cloud applications you require a browser application, not necessarily Chrome, an operating system (say Windows 7) and a high speed Internet connection.

Technical journalists and the MSM at large have failed to grasp this simple truth, and may have given you the impression that Microsoft are under threat from the Chrome "operating system" in the msm-tech-onanism-fest that has surrounded the launch of Windows 7 today. Much as I would like this to be the case, in fact for anybody to compete with Microsoft, alas it's just not the case. And Google? A high tech advertising agency with software applications rather than billboards.

By the way, if you are running Vista, I can recommend an upgrade to Windows 7. It is significantly quicker; it makes a much better job of getting performance from all of your hardware than Vista ever managed - particularly older systems, has a pretty good inbuilt security package and finally gets close to the Apple MAC on a laptop (first time for everything). But I would suggest waiting for the first Service Pack, which should be along shortly, a fresh install already requires about 200MB of updates - when it gets to CD size it usually becomes a Service Pack.

If you do manage to get Google Chrome running on your PC without an operating system, please let me know - you should probably write me a letter, with a stamp and everything like - any other form of PC based communication will merely be a trick of your failing grasp on sanity.


  1. I've been using Google chrome for a couple of months - crrrrap. Gonnae put Opera on this machine and just leave it at that.

    I've been using Windows for years - crrrrap. Used Mac OS10 for a couple of years - worked great. Put Ubuntu on my grand daughters laptop - she didn't like it.

    Computers should be like a telly - plug it in and away ye go - nae footerin aroon.

  2. Im using windows XP Nitro.

    I uploaded Google chrome about 2 months ago and i like it. Its faster but i do prefer the fav bar down the side to the Thumbnails. When in on the net i use Google chrome for my blog, works so much faster.

    For quick refs and stuff i just nip over to Explorer and use my fav list.

  3. Until Google, or somebody not obsessed by advertising revenue preferably, actually produces a home NetAppliance that connects seamlessly to cloud (hate the term) resources the OS will be an issue.

    I use 3 different OSs, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but we need them - would be nice to see somebody displace Microsoft, but that's a lot to ask in the home PC market, different for phones where the hardware is fixed by a manufacturer.

    My Gripe is that the Press just do not understand technology and mislead the public - I gave up shouting at the TV and Radio this morning - hence the post.

    I'm installing Windows 7 on a work laptop tonight, previous installs look hopeful (I got an advance release) - easily the best OS Microsoft have produced to date.

  4. AMW - XP is much better than Vista, but the upgrade to 7 looks hopeful - will keep you posted. Chrome is just a browser though, not a bad one, but not the competitor to Microsoft Windows that the MSM would have us believe.

  5. I'm a techie retard to be honest. My lap top has vista basic and it's incredibly slow compared to our other laptop which has vista premium.

    I use firefox and opera.

  6. Both would probably benefit from Windows 7. There shouldn't be a performance difference between basic and premium - more likely to be the hardware.

    FF and Opera are cool, Chrome is worth a look, but don't remove Windows before trying to install...