Friday, 2 October 2009

Why won't it stop?

One of the best analogies I have ever heard for those illogical behavioural patterns we humans repeat, despite the fact we only harm ourselves, is the one of the man who whacks an unwanted wasp's nest; rather than achieving the desired evacuation of the nest he is stung by an inflamed occupant and decides his only course of action is to whack it again, which results in another sting...
and so on...
He is later found dead on the ground, with a puzzled look on his face

You may not know that there was a council by-election in Ayrshire yesterday - the result?
Scottish Labour Party candidate Moira Pirie has been elected to serve as a Councillor on East Ayrshire Council representing Ward 9, Doon Valley, in the south of the area. Councillor Pirie was elected on Thursday 1 October, having exceeded the number of votes needed to be elected at the first stage of the Single Transferable Vote system.
Aside the astonishing fact that a Labour wasp councillor was elected - this was by no stretch of the imagination a victory, for any party; the key thing here was the turnout - a democrarsey crushing 26.78%.


  1. This is dangerous usually democracy goes down fighting, we'll be the first to abandon it since......are we the first?

    Once we've stopped voting we won't notice that it isn't there anymore!

  2. Behaviour is reinforced by positive outcomes. That's about it - really. What is positive to some though is really quite revealing.