Sunday, 8 November 2009

11:00am Remembrance Sunday, Chapel Point, Skateraw, East Lothian

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  1. My bloody shadow - I missed it...

    It was moving, my own personal Remembrance Day in the middle of nowhere (5 mile walk though) - It's a neglected memorial to the members of the Canongate Boys Club who fell in WWII and the clubs founders. Their annual camp was held there.

    I'm going to blog about it sometime.

    Thanks Wardog...

  2. I never noticed the shadow until you mentioned it - great pic. I look forward to reading about the CBC.

  3. @Wardog - I have similar railway line pictures from all over, it's just a little thing I do for fun (did I mention I'm told I have a weird sense of humour). My friends, family, nieces and nephews get sick of me asking them to pose. Will post some more some time...

    @Scunnert - Thanks, I didn't notice it until I was stitching the pics together, thought about Photoshopping it (well Gimping it).

  4. You have almost exactly the same blog list as me - scary.

  5. @ 13th - synchronicity, or just a case of those that rarely differ?

    Welcome to my place...