Monday, 30 November 2009

The Defenestration of an Independence Referendum

Read all about it here...  (if you can stand the bitter recrimination)

So the SNP threw their principal manifesto commitment out of the window - seemingly a big boy did it and ran away, it's not their fault - how could they have anticipated opposition from; well, erm - the opposition?

The SNP have expended considerable energy delivering a few other vote winning manifesto commitments, but blame the 'others' for not being able to deliver their principal one, their raison d'être - a commitment diluted and now unrecognisable from the ambitious promises made in the run up to the election.

I suspect, from the wording of this document, that there is little likelihood of independence this time around.  However the party would respectfully like those motivated by that one prime mover to vote SNP in 2007, to vote SNP again in 2011. Next time around, you see, they will guarantee independence - see what a sniff of power does? Once tasted you just can't give it up.

Politicians - just cannot desist from that grubby power grab...


  1. I am a nationalist....but a troubled one,... i have part of me thinking that i'm being so narrowminded..while we all sit as humans, clinging on to a wee rock spinning in space, and i'm saying " this wee bit is ours"....and then theres the other bit... that...dispite the shit acting(and accuracy), cried my eyes out after watching Braveheart... and wants a free Scotland within a European Republic.. but i could never feel smart enough to argue my point.....but i just know i want it.
    welcome to the real world.

  2. @RT13, thanks for your comment. Like my debate with Tris and Scunnert I know I cannot argue with dearly held beliefs, in fact they deserve respect as we all do.

    Just dinnae agree that territorialism is a good thing...


  3. RT13 "...wants a free Scotland within a European Republic".

    That isn't any kind of Nationalism that I can recognise. You could call it 'Integration of the (Mostly) White-Faces, who are Worried about China and Global Warming, in That Order -ism.' Or maybe you could call it 'Anyone Can Lord it Over Us as Long as it Isn't B*stard England -ism.'

    But does it really qualify as a dearly held belief?

  4. Isn't that the policy of the SNP Edgar? He/She didn't imply that England wouldn't be part of that EU structure - or did I miss something? Just an equal seat at the table - as Tris and Scunnert called for I think.

  5. Oh dearie me. The Guardian has an admiring editorial on Alex Salmond today which includes this startling comment on St Andrew's day -

    '. . . the warm glow that the national day properly brings to all Scots'

    So not only do most Scots have a woeful misunderstanding of St Andrew (as The Times has demonstrated), but the UK's most prominent liberal voice thinks we Scots have a warm glow on St Andrew's Day, when of course most of us have no idea even when it occurs.

    Both are depressing but at least we can surely expect the Scottish government to do something about educating Scots (if not Guardian leader writers).

    I heard Tom Devine on Radio Scotland a few weeks ago say that about half of Scottish school students studying history think the Act of Union was imposed by military conquest of Scotland by England.

    Most Scottish school students know nothing of either the glory of the Scottish Enlightenment or the deep shame of the Scottish slave plantations in Jamaica - surely, surely, our children should be learning our real history.

    I see Fiona Hyslop has just been downgraded and is being made to carry the can for the overall sorry state of Scottish education, but it is Salmond's government as a whole which is to blame for an inability to prioritise.

    Education, education, education!

  6. Edwin, what is amazing is that there are so many fine Scottish historians; Tom Devine, Rosemary Goring, the great TC Smout yes and even Neil 'shouty' Oliver - still Braveheart is the best stab most Nats can take at history.

    We have an SNP government, yet Braveheart is used as a teaching aid, sigh. I do look forward to Mr Russell's multiple choice questions (see my next post).

    Edukashun innit?

  7. The phrase that struck me was 'free Scotland'. In what sense is Scotland now not free, other than through the Union?

  8. Ok Edgar, I missed that completely - I think free has become synonymous with "Independent Sovereign Government" - Saltire flying, tartan trimmed and whiskey soaked an aw that...

  9. Bitter, bigoted, Britishers belatedly bemoaning their beleaguered and busted bandwagon. Hmm - needs some work:0(

  10. Scotland now has de facto independence from Britain, as District 9 of the EU Regions in the country formerly known as UK, greetings from District 4.