Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Dundee - why?

I've just finished reading Frankie Boyle's autobiography "My Shit Life So Far", I am not going to review it - I really couldn't do it justice, moreover he makes it quite clear he hates reviews.  The one thing I would say however is if you like his irreverent non-PC sense of humour you'll love the book...

Frankie is best described as a 'misomaniac' and reserves a particularly dark corner of his heart for Dundee - yes Dundee, that little post-industrial city on the east coast of Scotland, you know Dundee the town that time forgot featuring:

Dundee International (Riverside) Airport; sitting aside the Tay and featuring the famous Riverside landfill site, the 2nd largest in Scotland, at the end of the one runway - ensuring every passenger catches that distinctive 'scent of Scotland'

Discovery Point; the resting place of Captain Scott's famous ship the RRS Discovery - a perfect symbol of Scotland's love of failure.
DC Thomson & Co Ltd; The world famous comic book publisher responsible for titles such as the Dandy, Beano, Oor Wullie and the The Broons - oh yeah and they have been printing "The Courier" newspaper on an original Gutenberg press since Johannes installed it in 1432.

Over to Frankie Boyle for some more -

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