Saturday, 21 November 2009

For scunnert

Here's hoping for a shitty c.unt day for all those deserving recipients, and to their imminent demise; preferably brain cancer, though peeled and salt dipped works for me ...

A special shout out to journalists in teh Scottish meeja:

Hell reserves a special place for you, aspirational filthy skid marks on the pants of journalism. Narrow minded hacks who believe in their own omnipotent supery doopery powers, you know; self appointed, single-handedly securing public safety, enforcing moral rectitude and leaping fallen barstools in a single stagger - go fuck yourself. Hypocrisy is your byline, your byword and will be your downfall; you make politicians look bleached, starched, clean and wholesome...


  1. I guess now is not the best time to admit to once having been a fully paid-up, active member of the NUJ.

    It was a long time ago ...

  2. @scunnert - thought I would vent some more spleen, in my own semi-literate way.

    @Edgar - I think we can forgive you, the first step is the admission and all that ;D

  3. Polaris

    one day

    Put down the phone after talking to me brother (for about 30 mins) and walked into the living room.To a stunned silence from my wife her sister and my mother-in-law.

    we sounded just like that (we always do) my wife screamed at me once her mum had gone.

  4. LOL, Derek and Clive are brilliant, your wife should have been a bit more positive Niko. I think I'd have been laughing rather than frowning.

  5. Polaris

    Your so common....I bet you Don't have sugar lumps for guests cup of tea?

  6. Tea, cups? Whao, are you landed gentry?

  7. Derek & Clive, Live. Had the album, played it to death. LOL.

  8. Heard that years ago, brilliant and apt for the occasion!

  9. @ banned, my friend gave me a tape of them (remember the compact cassette tape - sigh), I had to hide it from my parents.

    @ DL - they were a phenomenon, some real sparks of genius!