Monday, 2 November 2009

Hear no evil...

So our Home Secretary Alan Johnson sent this letter to Professor David Nutt, requiring him to fall on his sword -

Today in a Sky News interview Mr Johnson aggressively reiterated that he could not have an adviser advising the public on the truth behind drug harm (table published as part of the Eve Saville Lecture 2009 to Imperial College London in July 2009).  Mr Johnson, an ex-Tesco shelf stacker and Postie has in one foul swoop confirmed that scientific stupidity and ignorance of the facts should be no bar to formulating policy, not to mention isolating an entire population of potential scientific advisers.

The Home Secretary's behaviour, and that of an increasingly isolated train wreck of a dying cabinet remind me of this -

Tell me Mr Johnson, if you will brook no dissent, as you so aggressively emphasised in your interview today - why did we not see the senior military officers who spoke out publicly against the government's policy in Afghanistan dealt with by being singled out for summary dismissal asked to step down with immediate effect?

EDIT: Rather than keep it to myself, Prof. Nutt's entire presentation can be downloaded here - it makes fascinating reading, and contrary to Alan Johnson's assertions recognises the advisory role of the ACMD (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs) - make your own mind up...


  1. Confusion Polaris, confusion. They seek to destroy reason. Straw did it on Friday. Goodnight Vienna posted about his talking bollox about paying for election counts.

    Oratory is being put in the driving seat here so no valid, verifiable, informed choice can be made about anything.

    Everything they do is designed to cloudy the water.

  2. Seems like two more advisers have resigned in sympaehy ( making themselves available to the new masters.

    I doubt if the Goverment can directly sack a serving military officer. He serves the Crown and it would require a Court Martial.

  3. I would sooner listen to a flawed Humanity than scientific Certainty.

    been there got the t shirt bear the scars


  5. I used to replicate behavioural interventions that were popular in the therapeutic community - most of them were junk science. Exposing their lack of effect didn't reduce their popularity. Indeed, these procedures have displaced procedures that were effective but unpopular.

    Folks don't like the truth. They prefer the illusion that makes them comfortable.

  6. @incoming - It certainly looks that way

    @banned - I think more advisers will be gone by the end of the week. Thanks I have amended the wording (late night blogging=inattention to detail).

    @MrConsonants - There is no such thing as a Scientific "Certainty", there is however evidence based research.

    @Scunnert - Junk Science sums this debacle up - Did you see the post at Heresy Corner? He coined the phrase "policy-based evidence making" - perfect.

    As for truth - the general public don't like their acceptable drugs compared to those dirty ones?

  7. "policy-based evidence making" aye.