Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Microsoft Windows? That's so 20th century - try Tables

In their increasingly desperate search for the next 'big' thing (sorry), it looks like Microsoft really have lost their direction - It's called Microsoft Surface, and it is real! (why didn't they just call it Table?)

The video on the other hand, is a parody, and sums up Microsoft's furniture based computing concept better than Microsoft ever could.  On the up side at least the device could be the focus of a launch party; table top dancing, or - wait for it; as a surface for your drinks and nibbles.  Is there no end to their creativity? Those crazy Microsoft boffins demonstrate yet again that desperation really is the father of innovation...

What has four legs, a blue screen and needs rebooted twice a day?
'Gestures'?  I know what gestures I want to make...


  1. Finally.....Microsoft go head to head with Ikea!

  2. @RT - I know who would win that battle... Perhaps Ikea should move into operating systems, just a big flat pack of bytes you have to assemble yourself.