Friday, 6 November 2009

Phrase of the day

Vujà Dé (vü-zhä, dā), noun
  1. An impression of never having seen or experienced anything before
  2. The feeling of never having been anywhere before
Looking around the morass of bust banks burning our money, a risible lack of any coherent political philosophy propped up by handbag fights between moronic gang members (SNP and Labour in NE Glasgow being a pertinent example), terrorism on the USA mainland and another day of life in the UK under a Labour government that bears no resemblance to a gummint - I've got to admit I woke this morning suffering from Vujà Dé.

Where am I?


  1. " Posties Save Our Xmas " takes me back a few decades.

  2. Lol banned, I thought we weren't allowed to refer to it as Xmas or Christmas - is it not Winterval now?