Friday, 13 November 2009

The SNP make changes to secure victory in future elections.

The newly appointed SNP election Czar, Gerry Mander, emerged from Jackson's Entry today to greet disappointed supporters.  To much acclaim he announced that the SNP will undertake an ambitious project to guarantee SNP success in all future Scottish elections.
"No more embarrassment, no more oor wee Nicola shifting about uncomfortably in a bastard BBC studio with that drip Murphy nearly touching her sanctified person, listening to the big horsey faced bastard spouting smug New Labour lies and negativity,"

"Hot on the heels of our new found zeal for civil engineering projects like windmills and new bridges, proper civil engineering - none of your weegie airport rail links - we are pleased to announce the largest civil engineering project in Scottish history."
"Under the guise of building a Clyde to Mull of Galloway canal we will provide full employment for all those Labour voting Glaswegian traitors for about two years.  Once the canal is flooded, the largest towing barge in the world, secretly under construction at Kishorn, will tow the whole of "TraitorLand"  into the middle of the Atlantic."
"We will then construct a tidal barrier from the Mull of Galloway to the Mull of Kintyre.  This will provide enough electricity to power all of Europe through the 13 Amp interconnect we are currently laying aff the back of the adapted Fraserburgh trawler "Insanity", on route from Eyemouth to Oostvoorne.  That and the oil will guarantee Bagpipes, Whisky, Tartan Dolls and Haggis for every patriot for generations tae come."
How dare they vote against us?


  1. When you said, on the Wardog blog, that you had a solution over at your place, I thought you had a bottle or two of red.


  2. You keep on polaris and i can see somone being buried in the foundations of a tidal barrier.

  3. Anon - a threat, LOL. I'll keep on then...

  4. Hi Bugger Lugs, 'cissy' - guilt as charged m'lud...

  5. Wardog, for the 2nd time in the last month I find myself in agreement with an SNP supporter.

    Bear in mind I was just having a bit of fun.

    I do wonder why there is such a divide and that traditional working class Labour voters are not compelled by the SNP? I think there is a suspicion that the SNP are Tartan Tories, furthermore not everybody is convinced of the independence argument.

    How do the SNP change that, short of taking the rather extreme action I propose? I think that perhaps that sea change is more in the giving of their left wing opponents, if they could put aside their natural animosity towards the SNP - pretty unlikely in the case of New Labour who need the Scottish vote.

    If it is any consolation I think the SNP suffered in Glasgow NE primarily because of their candidate, the turnout and the fact that this is a Westminster seat. The Scottish Parliamentary elections may see some surprising inroads in regional seats in the Labour heartlands.