Tuesday, 24 November 2009

They're coming to take us away, down, erm... challenge us

Many are ruminating over the end of blogging, although this does seem to be a peculiarly Scottish obsession currently, exemplified by a number of prominent veteran Scottish bloggers (if there can be such a thing) hanging up their keyboards in the last six months.  I noticed with disappointment a few days ago that one of my favourite bloggers  J. Arthur MacNumpty, celebrating his fourth year of blogging, was a little under the weather - introspectively reviewing his own reasons for blogging.

He touched on his ambiguous feelings on the Wardog assassination, some of which I share.  The comment thread makes interesting reading, amongst the mainly supportive comments was the 'oddity' posted by anonymous (picture on right, click to enlarge); ahh good old Anon - as ever it was, strident opinions from anonymous, and the courage of his/her convictions...

Now call me paranoid, but that looks like the rantings of a MSM drone to me; and confirms some suspicions I have.  Apart from the obvious ignorance of this dick - the comment holds a mirror to the last spastic death throes of the pathetic Scottish printed meeja in a way most bloggers fail to; reflecting a death we are witnessing in all its public grotesqueness every day.

The nub of this reflection? Journalists, professional wordsmiths with barrels of ink, are comparing themselves to amateur bloggers.  Bloggers come from a range of backgrounds, but in the main are not those who write for a living;  if they did they would be doing just that - in an official capacity, one that generates income - something blogging certainly doesn't for the vast majority.

Bloggers are frustrated citizens with opinions, often strident, that they wish to express - like or hate these opinions they're as valid as those of any other member of this fractured country - and at least bloggers are willing to stand up, be counted, challenged and debate - an immediate right of reply that Scottish news publications and their laughable websites fail to offer; that's how much confidence they have in the professional tripe offered up as insightful news.  Mr Anonymouse you do yourself and your risible industry damage when you make that comparison - calling for bloggers to be bound by your own pathetic voluntary codes of practice just highlights in stark relief this damaging comparison.  Damaging for the MSM, flattering for bloggers - but wrong nonetheless.

Bloggers should not be bound by the hypocritical codes of practice that allow news publications to wield their "barrels of ink" to lie, fabricate stories, destroy lives, insinuate, manufacture news by their own actions and invade privacy with impunity - but not swear.  Your industry has been judged and found wanting, exemplified by the lack of consumers for your particular brand of Scottish broadshit doublespeak.  You are no longer the voice of the nation, nor the voice of a Scottish city; your circulation figures speak of a small hamlet in the Scottish highlands, on a good day.

For the purposes of clarification - it is my opinion that the majority of the thinking Scottish public believe most journalists are bullying cunts who do not like nor believe in free speech.  Our opinions? just irrelevant nonsense, and if we speak against you, you threaten us with your "barrels of ink".

Looks like the MSM has declared war on bloggers, I quote:
"Now, this is not an attack on opinions. It's a challenge to bloggers"
In the words of INCOMING - Heads up!


  1. The ananymous comment on J Arthur McNumpty thread you refer to is near certain from a journo pretty clsoe to the action. I also reckon it tells it near exactly how it was. Your abusive response I cant quite see the point of.

    A bloggers code of conduct? : Dont post anything you wouldn't be prepared to say to your targets face.

  2. Hi Aye We Can, thanks for your comment; I think we have to agree (or not) to disagree on this one.

    It is irrelevant how the commenter sees the Wardoggate incident. What riled me and inspired my expression of dislike, for that is all it is - was the threat implicit in the comment. Something I suspected was on the agenda, "challenging the bloggers" implies a pitiful direct comparison is being made between Scottish mainstream media and blogging - and speaks volumes of their own tired industry.

    The abuse? Born of experience in dealing with the two most reprehensible so-called-guardians of our state; The press and politicians.

    I am sure your own personal opinions differ little from mine (correct me if I am wrong). The differentiator is that I am willing to express them publicly - face to face or in bytes...

  3. The tone of Anon's wee missive was certainly threatening. Definitely a Labour lapdog journalist who doesn't like the competition.

  4. Polaris, anonymouses's posting were certainly threatening and deserved to be answered. They are after all supposed to be the professionals. Maybe because we don't get invited to the glitteri parties like they do, we tell it as we see it. That is apart from Iain Dale of course.

  5. Well said polaris, I suspect if Wardog had been like Guido then that rank reporter who is posting as (anon) would not even think of taking him on or anyone else on of Guido's stature.

    Looks like who ever it is, is in a spin but thankfully he/she is not above the law and should remember that.

    All this because Labour are going to lose the next election lol..

  6. How about this for a theory? The anonymous blogger isn't connected with newspapers at all, but someone from the labour political side of Wardog's demise?

    You see, there is evidence that Murphy shoved his way in at the Queen's Speech. I watched it and I also posted a photo of it because I was astounded by his furtive behaviour. I didn't think it was becoming of a Scottish Secretary to behave in that manner. See it all here - just about one hour in:


    Angus Robertson is behind William Haig all the way from the chamber. Jim Murphy joins the line from outside the chamber for some reason and settles further behind. The heid bummers enter the Lords and then to the right you see Murphy pushing himself in. It was more the furtive glance round he gave which spoke volumes, obviously checking that nobody of importance saw his behaviour.

    Anyway back to your post Polaris. I don't think journalists would bother browsing small blogs like mine or Wardog's. My view is that it was a sympathetic labour blogger/commenter who noticed Wardog's comments, passed it further up the chain and Murphy's men contacted the media.

    What it shows to me is how totally controlled the Scottish media are where labour's concerned. Biased is too kind a word for it.

    PS Concerning Wardog's interest in Willie Bain's payment of council tax. If the SNP had found out where he paid council tax and it was proved it was in London, then they could have so easily hit the 'local man' mantra. The SNP didn't do that. Wardog decided he would.

    I don't condone certain language but I certainly support anyone's freedom to say what they want and always will.

  7. OK, enough with the canonisation of Muttley.

    Have a look at my comment threads and the mountains of drivel and abuse I had from him - and that was relatively mild, there was even the occasional respectful remark.

    But I know for a fact that at least one Labour blog-owner was on the receiving end of an unremitting stream of obscenity and abuse from Muttley - quite possibly to the point of being cautionable, if not prosecutable.

    Then there's the exposure of his identity - and again, I know for a fact this was NOT deliberate, it was due to arrogance, intemperance and incompetence.

    Add to this the fact that 90% of the nutters who infest the newspaper comment pages AND slander and criticise the journalists are CyberNats. (Oh I know, that is unprovable. They could be "Unionist troll provocateurs", as I think the phrase is. I invoke Occam's Razor.)

    Put all that together and you have a combustible situation with Muttley running around, not with a box of matches but with a blowtorch.

    Think of it as evolution in action.

  8. Hmm. Actually, if you do want to look at the "mountains of drivel and abuse" from Muttley on my blog, you'll need to hurry.

    They've all gone. Still in the cached version, but I have no idea how long that will last.

    This is great. My comments threads looked bad enough when I was arguing with an illogical, ill-informed madman, but now I appear to be arguing with an illogical, ill-informed madman WHO ISN'T THERE.

    Was this all part of his plan?

  9. Hi sm753, I noticed he had deleted his comments from my blog also - does make the comment thread look kinda crazy - his prerogative I guess.

    I agree, and as I said in my original post he and I rarely saw eye to eye - I just found the behavious of the MSM pretty hypocritical and sinister - and would have stood up for you if you had been the victim - or any blogger of any political persuasion.

    I do not entirely agree that there is political conspiracy, however as Subrosa pointed out there is a historical bias towards Labour in the Scottish broadshit press. Occam's Razor in action again...

    As scunnert, AMW and DL point out the press are overtly threatening the blogging community.