Saturday, 7 November 2009

UK Government rips aff Glesca

WarDog, I think he is a Nationalist, is getting upset over at his place about this news (I was going to post a comment, but thought a considered response might be more suitable).
"Train services on the East Coast Main Line may no longer go to Glasgow and instead terminate at Edinburgh, under new plans which have emerged from the UK Department of Transport."
Purely for the purposes of balance please permit me a rejoinder Mr Wardog - 

How dare the B*****d English DoT review the rail services that ur costing so much to subsidise - gross misconduct, no whit a mean?

And of course the B****rd Englij DoT are poorly concealed racists whose sole purpose is tae disadvantage Scotland, withoot us declaring war they'll soon stop the east coast choo-choo at Newcastle n' replace the service north with a sheep or sum'hun - just tae avenge Bannockburn.

Noo is transport a devolved (to an SNP government) issue or no?  Whit does Stewart "Beaker" Stevenson dae anyhoo?

I knaw, I knaw; perhaps we could huv a Scotch onlae service, a tartan painted Flying Scotsman thit leaves London an ignores aw a' the B***ard Englich train stations, because the B**tard Englihj dinnae use the east coast mainline or contribute by paying fur thur pathetic poofy part intra-Engerlund journeys - kin they no walk, it isnae far?

We cud make it obligatory for aw passengers to hing oot the windaes n' put the vicky up at the auld enemy as the train maks it way through Engralend...

The Flying Scotsman could leave London, ignore the B**tard Anglish, then stop at every station north oh the glorious Border; conducting a pure mental figure o' eight around Scotland, put on a ferry and towed aroon the roads eh Orkney, Shetland n' the Hebrides at the back eh a tractor or a tug o' war team (thur good at that up there on account o' the Highland Games) - then we cud crush the rollin stock in a guid Scotch scrap yard and sent back to those B*stard Englich via thur dirty royalist Royal Mail.

That'll dae it...

An' by the way, did uh mention Willie Bain is ugly - that should swing the by election, eh?

Bastards, whit we need is a west coast line.


  1. Aye - ye cannae trust thon b@#$%^d english.

  2. Thank you both, just havin' a larf on a slow Saturday. Bast#r&s all of them...

  3. You're right though... he is powerful ugly.... pffffff

  4. @tris, thanks for the comment. Yeah not an attractive man, he's so ugly when he goes out they turn the CCTV cameras off and I hear when he was born the midwife spanked his face.

  5. Firstly may I say how much I like your new design. Absolutely spiffing is what they would say in the leafy avenues of Surrey.

    Secondly I've done a post aboot the choo-choos for tomorrow but I'll never beat the quality of this one. :)

  6. Hi Subrosa, just back in from my Sunday morning wander. Thanks, I like the design (not mine, just a free template).

    You are being too modest, your blog is one of the best Scottish blogs around; I may not always agree with you but always look forward to reading your posts. Now before I embarrass me and you, go off and inflame me...