Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Advanced Media Watch

I'm sorry to hear the young blogger Advanced Media Watch has decided to quit blogging today, he has been building up to it for a while and had alluded to his fatigue both on his blog and in comments posted elsewhere, so I am not entirely surprised.  Omar and I started blogging within a few days of each other and were amongst the first commenters on each others blogs.

We were very much opposites; gender notwithstanding, age and politics set us apart - but we shared a determination to "scratch that itch"; our blogs an attempt to articulate our opinions on that most frustrating of subjects - politics.

I wish you well in the future in whatever you do Omar - based on our email exchanges and debates on your blog I am sure you will acquit yourself well, wherever life takes you.

In answer to your final post; you are not at the "End of the Road" but taking the first steps on what I am sure will be a long, interesting, fruitful and worthwhile journey.

See ya, I hope...

PS: I don't think I'll be about in 42 years time however.


  1. I've given up blogging too.

  2. But I got bored, so I changed my mind.

    (It's Subrosa's fault...she had a post up called "Goodbye" or something similar and, in much shock, I really thought she was retiring as well!)

  3. Jess - I'm glad to hear that you aren't giving up.

    Or are you? I'm sorry I'm easily confused.

    Don't go, it's getting lonely here. It's looking like a big empty room these days...

  4. WTF?!?!

    Subrosa has bowed out!!

    Hopefully just temporary.

  5. Jess - nope, the Nationalist bloggers are being targeted by a nutjob by the looks of things.

    He/She has been on Scunnert and Conan's blogs as well, have a look.