Saturday, 5 December 2009

Honey traps do work: anti-blogger media campaigns - pt2.

As most of you are aware there has been an odious and feckless alleged-journalist sniffing around Scottish blogs with a sinister agenda.  As somebody who has the complete indifference, resources and time; given my self employment and ongoing illness I thought I'd put some of my spare time into catching the little monkey who claims he is a News Corp journalist.  Hence my post of this morning - a "Honey Trap" if you will, and not the only one I've setup.

Yup I've gone and set myself up and it'll probably result in me trashing my own little blog; but he responded right on cue, jackboots and all...

Call me "", "Anonymous", "" or "Mark McLachlan" is currently digging through the contents of my blog (see the image at the top).  I blocked his IP address earlier with an appropriate message - just to indulge my innate sociopathy and provoke him - and got an immediate and very revealing response, not a poker player then.  He now continues using that reputable anonymous proxy "hidemyass" with admirable determination.

The behaviour of the MSM towards Wardog, Subrosa and I suspect others has been described as threatening and harassing, there are laws against that; as well as some nice IPCC guidelines.  I know for a fact that the user of this IP address (see image) was directly involved in the harassment of these bloggers - and others, boastfully taking credit in comment threads

So far I have multiple false identities tied to this one user, attempts at deception by presenting himself as Mark McLachlan (Montague Burton's wrongly spelled name) to another blogger in order to gain their confidence, threatening emails and promises of continued harassment - and all with a real anti-SNP political bias.  Very telling, now who would be interested in this type of thing; perhaps another journalist, the SNP, or his ISP?  He does seem to be in breach of his ISP's acceptable use policy, and they promise disconnection, we could start there.

I can't help wondering, given that he claims to be an employee of a news organisation that has publicly dropped their support of Labour, are News Corp now taking the same stand against the SNP?

Oh look a couple of emails from Google alerts - it looks like he has also Googled my name a couple of times in the last few minutes, good old Google Alerts - I can recommend them for keeping an eye on snoopers

I'm now completely convinced that there is one, grubby and unhinged wordmangler out there. Looking to harass bloggers - and judging by his comments, which are nicely stored to add to the dossier of disease I am building up, happy to threaten and deceive in the cause of 'outing' amateur commentators.

Way to go; investigative journalism at it's very British best.

I really hope he doesn't come down to my local pub - the language and opinions heard on most evenings would shock his squeaky clean sensibilities to the core.  In that case I wonder if he would hunt down their employers, families, clients and friends and grass them up?

Moderated comments are on, I'm off Christmas Shopping (yuk!) - will respond to emails and comments on my heavily laden return.


  1. Good investigatve work.

    But why assume the stalker is a journalist working for the MSN?

    I dont know, but I very much doubt a MSN journlist would have the time, blog nous, or even motivation to do all this

    I think it is odious, but most likely the work of lone stalker - who might like to think he is working for Rupert. He seems keen to confirm suspicious - too keen, Id suggest

  2. AWC

    I think you mean "MSM".

    As for who it is, I have my suspicions.

    There is a confluence of interest between a certain large political party and the dead tree press.

    I suspect someone with political links is monitoring nat blogs, waiting for them to step over the line of possible actionability and teeing them up for mates in the press.

  3. Message to Oor Ali

    Eats, shoots and leaves.

  4. sm753

    and here was me thinking it was you?

  5. That's interesting Sm753. Strange I think along the same lines. That's a first isn't it!

    Oh sm753, can you give me the link to the 'possible actionability' handbook please? I'm sure I'd find it interesting.

  6. Nah.

    Can't be ersed.

    Whoever it is has just threatened to have a go at me.


  7. Yea well your IPwhatever doesn't fit anyway.

    I would be delighted to chew his bamboo to the quick.

    I am now drawn to do a blog because of the Cloaca.

    wv - blerses

    how do they do it?

  8. Damn wumin - you got skills. Aye - he can run but he cannae hide. Har har har.

  9. Thanks for your comments folks, I am trying to sort through all the stuff I have on this moron.

    If you see any posts from him elsewhere can you send me links? Just post them here, and if it is on your own blog, and you know how to do it, IP addresses?

    I will update my blog tomorrow with more information.



  10. *cheers*

    Glad to see someone going after this sewer scum!

  11. Me too Jeanne. Polaris has skills which make me feel so inadequate because I can't help.

  12. Well done to you Polaris.

    It's good to have someone around who knows a wee bit about computers ... I'm so crud at them.

    More power to your elbow.


  13. I'm probably teaching my grandmother to suck eggs here but I had a look at the Opal web pages and they are not a provider of consumer or personal broadband connections but of business connections.

    Though it's not clear on their mobile connection plan if the user gets a fixed IP address the Business Broadband and Broadband ADSL plans have a static IP address so the connection between the owner of the IP number and the company that uses it is fixed for these connections. If it comes to any investigation or complaint then it's an easy link to the owner of the connection from the IP number you logged if they are on one of these two plans.

  14. Thanks Tris - we'll see if I can live up to nailing this individual.

    @Doug - you are correct, and it looks that way - so should be straightforward. The one fly in the ointment is that Opal are part of Talk Talk - and the IP may be assigned to a home user. I'll find when I hear from them - as I understand it Data Protection does not apply to company services only private individuals therefore disclosure should be easy. However there are other ways of identifying the subscriber.

  15. Same goes for me Polaris. I don't have the skills to find them. So you are our man! Go for it.

  16. Man? Ouch, i'll forgive you if you tell me that you meant 'mankind' - you know the men and women collective term.

  17. The one fly in the ointment is that Opal are part of Talk Talk - and the IP may be assigned to a home user.

    You're right. I've had a look around on Google and the 78 range appears to be assigned to home users on talktalk too.

  18. Thank goodness for the likes of Polaris and Doug the Dug, with their PC nous. I am so non-netty that I don't even know how to post links to anything on any of my comments. And I haven't the faintest idea how to run a blog. But it's kinda reassuring to know that these guys are on the case and understand the intricate techie details of computers and IP numbers and all the rest of it. It feels like having a paramedic come and reassure you that you're ok and help is imminent while you're lying in a ditch after a car crash.

    While I stick by earlier comments I have made today around the place (as a total newbie to the blogosphere) re staying sane, (relatively) polite etc and not saying anything that will get us stitched up or harm the independence cause, I cannot stand to see injustice or bullying or persecution of any sort, anywhere.

    So thanks to these guys for their detective work.

    And I do believe, that whatever the Sunday papers may throw up tomorrow (if they're even remotely interested, which they may not be!), let's not lose the heid. Let's stick to what is important: persuading people of our arguments for independence.

    Aye We Can has a great mantra : don't say in print what you wouldn't be happy saying to a blogger's face. Or anybody's face.

    He's so right. But I do not advocate timidity, either! We must still say what we think and feel! Our grandparents fought and bloomin' died so we could do so, and I am not going to "diss" their memory by lying down and allowing myself and my family to be controlled or manipulated by a corrupt and cynical ruling class. But times are tense, and if any good has come out of recent unpleasant events, it's probably that we are all much more aware of being scrutinised and monitored, and will therefore need to up our game to suit.

    More in a minute, but I've run out of characters.

  19. Goodness, when I first joined the blogosphere, last week, for the first time, kind of in defence of Subrosa really, as I had been following her blogs - as well as those of other decent ecumenically-minded bloggers from other political persuasions - I never dreamed I would end up suddenly addicted to the democratic, melodramatic maelstrom of the Scottish blogosphere. It is such a bizarre melee of highly intelligent postings (you know who you are!) as well as a few dubious and unsavoury ones (you also know who you are!), as well as some hilarious and talented satirical ones (Conan's stuff is fantastic, and always just "above the line", which shows how nuance-savvy he is (unlike his taunter on here). I have not yet had the chance to peruse others' talents yet, but I will.

    Bummer. Have run out of characters again. Will need to run onto another post. (Will one of you techie experts help me set up my own blog one day so I am not taking up acres of space on a Saturday night on other people's blogs when I am sitting here with a glass of wine and a yearning to type and extol?!) I need an outlet!!

  20. Aye of course. You'd have called me sexist if I had used a term like Girlie. (;-)>

  21. Thanks for all of your support, just been in touch with his ISP - should get some positive action tomorrow - I may need to ask for some help.

    David I advocated just such a thing a number of years ago at a media event (well post event drinks). It was interesting to hear the MSM's inflamed response - the Scotsman, Holyrood Magazine and The Herald would all be forced to downsize very quickly indeed. A bad thing/good thing?

  22. Fair dos Polaris. Thanks for doing it.

    You've been a star over this.

    David. On balance I think that is a good idea. Even if only for 3 months.

    Would serve them right.

    Their reporting is unbalanced. And although that's fair enough in features and editorial items, it is plain wrong in news.

    I don't know how many times I've read a headline that made it sound like there had been a terrible mistake made, a disaster had, or was about to happen, and on reading the article discovered that this was FAR from the truth.

    I think it's high time they were taught a lesson... But then it's only a matter of time before they clse down anyway.... They are heading in that direction. Herald and Hootsman alike.

  23. Tris,

    I always thought that when I'd made my first £100 million, I'd buy the Scotsman. How soon before they pay me £100 million to take it off their hands?

    (word verification is "PENAL"!)

  24. Interesting stuff, but I am a gent of senior years and accordingly, the nuances of cyber investigation are beyond my ken.

    However, I hope the bastard is caught and his lungs sold to McSweens.

  25. I hate to be the bearer of the bad news but it appears this low life troll is back for another go. Have just seen him posting on Conan's blog (comment no 56) with something sinister. Just hope one of our techie boffins can nail him as soon as.