Monday, 7 December 2009

Ich gebe nicht eine Scheiße

You know they say to care is to be vulnerable - well I don't [Ref:Blogger Profile]

It would appear our cowardly anti-blogger enforcer has some more "revelations", it's getting all very tiresome.  Well Mr Bloggy, Scoop, Pappenhacker, Reporter Sans Frontallobes, whatever - If you have done any research, and found out anything about me (and not somebody else as it would appear); you will know that I really don't give a shit - and that makes for a messy outcome.

On a side note - the abuse team at your ISP are now reviewing their logs, and I'm sorry to say they seem to agree with the bloggers you have threatened/hoaxed/harassed.

Now I am calling you out, why would you want to hide if you are so convinced by the veracity of your case?  I'll give you the complete story, my story - and when you die of boredom; you can factor in the average hits of <100 per day (mostly me) of a marginal blogger of average intelligence, who is happy to stand by her every opinion expressed herein and decide whether your loss of broadband and Police investigation were worth it.

And then you can tell me all about your very sorry existence.
My headline - "Boring Blogger with strong opinions and no readers exposed"
Your headline - "Pappenhacker exposed as SNP stalker"
Now that story might be worth syndicating, and I have a journalist friend who is very interested in just that kind of thing.  Way to go Scoop!

So email me, and we can arrange a meeting - in a mutually convenient location?  You could even come to my place, I'll do us some canapés and a nice Chianti.
Fava beans anyone?


  1. The sad case is still accusing me of being (I assume) Lard Foulkes

    It seems he doesn't like Labour or the Nats, and since I've made it pretty clear I'm sorta Toryish, I can conclude he must be a Lib Dem.

    Or maybe a Green.


  2. It's somebody with their own agenda. Remember the Scotsman spammer?Each side accused the other of closing down threads, when it was probably a naughty sixth former on his dads pc.

  3. 'Ich gebe nicht eine Sheisse". Mir Auch!

  4. CTL

    You're referring to the likes of "The Nuke at Silo 1" who had learned enough Javascript to be able to make 1000 posts automatically?

    You're probably right. It is clearly politically clueless.

    From now on I think I'll "ignore and delete".

  5. Ha ha ha.

    Hilarious post Polaris.

    I have to take my hat off to you. You have just been spendid.

    I'm not sure I'd have invited him for canapes though... I expect he's a soap dodger!!

  6. Loved this post, Polaris. Still laughing. Seeing as you're now apparently "outed", I'm looking forward to seeing you on the stand-up circuit soon.

    You really have him by the short and curlies.

  7. Wonder if any crime was committed by posing as Mark McLachlan?