Sunday, 6 December 2009

The MacBloggyfear bites back - Pt.1

Phew, what a day yesterday was.  In the face of a bankrupt Scottish press and a State-us quo that seems to consider pseudonymous bloggers some kind of threat "how dare we express ourselves and our opinions?" , I embarked on a one woman campaign to get to the bottom of exactly which Journalist openly opined that bloggers, and it would seem in particular Nationalist bloggers, were deserving of the kind of treatment a tinpot dictatorial state would advocate.

Interestingly that previous link goes straight to an organisation called "Reporters Sans Frontières", ironically the latter pseudonym our self-enforced-blogger-outer-plastic-cop antagonist hid under. So have I got this right Herr BlogenJäger? - You are an advocate of press freedom and all that good stuff implicit in freedom of expression, and also a supporter of anonymous, sometimes subversive, blogging elsewhere - just not in Scotland?

What's that you say? 'Yes?'

Way to go, my already low opinion of the press plummets quickly towards the molten mantle.  Well Mr Bloggy you are in good company as Drumlanrig agrees in the Hootsman today (Hootsmantip: Conan the Librarian), in fact he positively revels in it.
Drumlanrig is delighted to report that questionable anonymous blogs have been closing down all over cyberspace after this newspaper last week exposed that one particular cybernat was in fact Russell's office manager.
The paranoia of our literally, fiscally bankrupt biased behemoth of a Scottish press knows no limits - is this pseudonymous columnist actually implying that we are all questionable party political activists and need to be 'cleansed'?  Or is it just the Cybernats?  I thought the press were non-partisan?

On a personal jealousy tinted note "cybernat" is such a cool handle, I wish I could come up with an anarchistic/unionist equivalent, but I digress. Did I mention Drumlanrig 'hides' behind a pseudonym, no double standards detected there - moreover I've never trusted anybody that refers to themselves in the 3rd person - it's a bit like overhearing a paranoid schizoprenic talking to their reflection in a mirror - a bit weird, it's just not right. Polaris doesn't like that, she don't...

So Subrosa wasn't outed, Conan is still pushing books, and the Blogsith appears to have been found out for the doublespeak-delusional-denizen of the MacBloggysphere we suspected.  What's to do?

Pt2. later.  In the words of those cuddly Klingons "bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'"

Well look I do have a life, I've been sitting at my dining room/computer table all night. Can't a girl take 2 minutes to eat or summit?


  1. I ask you again what makes you so sure this cyber stalker is a journalist? I think they might want to be one ( hence nom de plume) , and for sure if they uncover anything they will be straight to the press in search of fame and fortune...and if its credible enough our ever pliant press will most probably bite.

    But this just dont appear like the work of a journo - too cyber informed, too manic, too potentially dangerous for them, and frankly too time consuming ( they have their many faults but are universally overworked)

    And even in the MSM the worm is turning. Check out Iain McWhirter's fair assesment of the blogshere on His blog or Joan McAlpines in todays Sunday Times. Even The News of The World report on Salmond and cybernats is fairly balanced. And not a squeek as far as I can see from "Reporter Sans Frontiers" in the MSM despite his promise of big revelations including self-outing that had too many bloggers panicing in the past 24 hrs or so ( Reporter Sans Frontiers principle objective I suggestr)

    Polaris. please do carry on with your counter intellegence work and blast the outcome loud and clear if you ever track these guy(s) down. And if it turns out to be a mainstream journalist I will stand corrected, but will be genuinely astonished.

  2. Alan at no point during all of this have I conclusively stated that this individual is a Journalist, in fact I have avoided doing just that. However Drumlanrig is and the antagonist does self-identify as such, and supports real actions by real-Journalists against bloggers.

    "little monkey who claims"
    "there is one, grubby and unhinged wordmangler out there"

    I do admit to a particular dislike of much of the press, particularly the tabloid end - and poor Journalism in the Scottish media - which abounds. But you can't blame a girl for being a realist now, can you?

    Come what may the user I am in the process of identifying will at the very least be subject to Police investigation, and will have his/her/company's broadband pulled. A small victory?

  3. I think that this Blogger sans Frontieres guy dropped posts the other day saying he was inviting people onto his site.

    I didn't go and now think he was trying to harvest IPs?

  4. Almost definitely bugger - did you get the address?

  5. Now that is worrying. Let's hope Polaris succeeds.

  6. Don't know how to Polaris.

    There was also another ANON on a Scotsman thread, I don't bother posting there since longtime, baiting Traquir to reveal where he lived and his real name. About par for oor Troll.

    I'll need to summons up Great Big Billy Goat Gruff from his slumbers,

    Let me know how to track the Cloaca please. I am still wearing wooden sabots I am afraid to say.

    Teach me baby!

  7. LOL Bugger. To get the address of the link to his blog, find the comment where he invites you to his blog, right click (or Ctrl Click on a mac) over the link and copy the link location. And paste it into and email or comment to me.

    I'm sorry if that's a 'sucking eggs' thing :-)

  8. Polaris, i am right with you here. Glad you have not reached a conclusion on the spooks possible identity.

    My own hunch is that he/they are likely far less well connected and plugged in are they report to be - still well worth nailing though, so good luck

  9. Wonder if he or she is a Medja Studies student at some polytech doing his feeziz for his diploma?

  10. I think Subrosa might be "doing" a guest blogspot tomorrow?

    perhaps, allegedly, who knows for sure, etc

  11. According to the thread on Conan's blog, she's actually intending to set up shop again!


    But help ma boab. I think in my newbie naivete and after a Saturday night glass of wine I may have gone onto RSF's site last night out of curiosity to see what he was all about. Does that mean he'll have my ISP address? And if so, what does THAT mean?

    Pants. I see I am going to have to get up to speed with all this techie stuff and not put my foot in it again.

    Still, once bitten, twice definitely shy. I'm getting there!

  12. Following a brief electronic chat yesterday, I also kneel in awe at the super-powers of Cybermeister Polaris!!!

    I think this blogger-outing is a flash in the pan...Joan's article says all there really is to say about the blog phenomenon...plenty else happening in the world with the pre-budget report and Iain Gray's donation troubles.

    Not sure if I'm really a cyber-nat...better an independent Scotland than a Labour Britain is as far as it goes...

  13. Well done Polaris - and chin up Subrosa, if you're reading this. you'll emerge from this stushie in a stronger position. Am sure just about everyone - unionist, nat or just people who like gabbing - wants you back.

    And Wardog, if you are reading would also like to see you back as well at some point (I'll send you a swear box for the Prince Charles Trust!).

  14. Good Evening folks. I think Drumlanrig's post on the SoS lacks a wee bit of journalistic objectivity.
    But it IS in the SoS.

  15. Hasn't it gone quiet? Looks like you've put a scare in him. Bloody well done.

  16. You go get him hen. He should know better than to piss off an anarchist:o)

  17. Gawd's truth, he's back, on Conan's blog. What a low life.

  18. Comment no 56 at the end of Conan's latest thread.

  19. Danish Pastry (Mrs)7 December 2009 at 11:13

    Subrosa's blog is back up and running