Saturday, 5 December 2009

New newspaper campaign north of the border...

Ali Bannister (AKA DM, Anonymous), ragman and spokesperson for a well known shite factory, commented in an interview with Scunnert 'Yeah - but people didn't lose their jobs, then. We're fighting back.'

Boo Hoo, I wonder who is to blame for that?


  1. How does Stuart Winton fit into this?

  2. Subrosa was contacted by him a while ago, I don't know what was said - he claims he was offering her a friendly warning. She indicated that she felt he was involved in her 'outing'.

  3. Human beings seem to be very bad at accepting the inevitable. Crappy newspapers are dying. There is nothing in the world that is going to save them. Their covers have been blown into orbit and they aren't coming down again any day soon.

    Live with it, journos. The jobs you think you are trying to protect aren't worth a halfpenny damn.

  4. @Bugger - anon is correct. She is very suspicious of his role in her unmasking.

  5. @Edgar - They can still harm people though, for expressing their opinions - and seem to be happy to do so.

  6. I find it hard to believe that a major rag would harass a handful of obscure Scots bloggers. It makes more sense to me that it is the work of one pathetic and lonely psycho.

  7. A message from psycho on the Subrosa thread:

    "Boy, you guys will find out tomorrow who I am. And you've been wrong both times so far."

    So he's going to out himself tomorrow? We'll see. Personally I doubt it - too cowardly.

    Nah - this guy fits the profile of your common or garden variety arsonist. Middle aged - never had a relationship with the opposite sex - socially inept - lives alone or with his mother - was teased a lot at school due to his small size and awkward appearance - probably has a speech impediment of some kind.

  8. Yeah I know, thought I would wind him up though. And guess what? He left another comment on your blog and gave me a Bollocks for my post - within a couple of minutes of each other - just after 9:00.

    It's not about obscurity, it's about lazy journalism, and perhaps political - it appears he doesn't like Nationalists.

    Don't see them taking on anybody else, despite plenty of blogs containing language and opinions that are considerably more controversial than those targeted to date - so a bias seems to be a safe assumption.

    I hear there may be some journalists interested in this hack, you never know - there may be a bit of balance injected at some point.

  9. As RT13 said - I'm hearing the word 'nonce'.

    My comment crossed with your 2nd one - sorry slow typing - eating a bacon roll.

  10. nice poster. Regarding an overal conspiracy, i dont reckon it is. I see it like this.

    Wardog - MSM directly contacted by Labour about this. He called Jimbo a cunt and threw a few other unsavory insults labours way. He was unlucky, but Labour decided this was a good example of the "cybernat" thuggery they went on about. NOTW, like other paper dont like bloggers in general so run with it, at this point SH and SoS not bitting. Wardog overreacts and post email from Euan McColm on his blogg question his integrity , insulting him. Seeing this the Sunday Herald get interested, intrest added when they get the same treatment to their enquiries. All of a sudden a small diary piece becomes a spalsh across three titles.

    Monty - kind of asked for it. Overreacts big time to Wardog's plight and stupidly calls Euan McColm a cunt with pictures and more. Euan pissed off big time ( As I, you or anyone would be) asked around who Monty was and without any difficulty found out from nat circles he worked for Mike Russell!!!. NOTW could not believe their luck. Irrespective of party, any paper would have outed the offender big time.

    Panic stations in nat cyberland who see a high level MSM conspracy against bloggers, "whos next?" etc is everywhere. But there is no MSM coinspracy, just happened as I describe above. In this context an anonymous unionist minded crank thinks " lets have some fun here" and starts stalking in an attempt to out other nat bloggers.

    I do honestly belive this is what broadly what happened, half know it is. The events are linked but not part of any coherent strategy. If anything, given Wardogs Montys and now Subrosa plight MSM journalsits are feeling a bit guilty a degree of sympathy to bloggers who are paying a dispromortionate price for their indisressions. No desire at all to pursue futher, wish it would go away if anything.

    Sad loner unionist cybernicks want to drag it out - get their very own share of the action.

    I say this not to pick a fight with fellow nat minded bloggers, but because if i am broadly correct the stalker or stalkers will gain both satisfaction and encourgagement to keep on going if we overract, claim they are indeed part of some great unionist/msm plot to silence the "cybernats". Stay cool, dont over react would be my advice.

    And no more "retirements" from blogging for while anyway please. I genuinely was going to close mine down with the end of homecoming year - the reason I started in the first place. But now this is the very last think I would do. We should all stick in there but dont allow a lone nutter or two to spook us all and dominate our discourse.

  11. AWC can you please let me know what 'indisressions' on my blog? I find that upsetting that you think I'm indiscrete.

  12. I think Aye we Can has it spot on regarding how this all panned out. His pinpoint accurate understanding of the modus operandi of the MSM is legendary. I agree with him that we cannot allow ourselves to be spooked by all of this, and he's right to say that all genuine independence-supporting bloggers need to continue our blogging, albeit with his and Alex S's words of wisdom (see Aye We Can's post on his blog) ringing in our ears.

    Interesting that AWC is even more determined to continue than ever. I have only just joined the blogosphere, having been following it (but only browsing) for about a year. It was precisely the shenanigans of the past unfortunate week that prompted me into finally taking part and posting the odd comment. I don't have the techie skills or the time to actually run a blog of my own, but I hope to make some sort of responsible, if small, contribution.

    Our impeccable behaviour and positive campaigning from now on is of utmost importance (albeit allowing for hilarious satire...Conan's Hootsmans, for example, are surely in the best tradition of Private Eye?!)

    And Wholly Rude's investigate work up here is totally impressive.

    Iain Macwhirter's and Joan McAlpine's recent postings on this blogging thing have also been fantastic, illlustrating that there ARE good journos out there, with intelligent nuanced thinking, with independent minds (I use that word specifically, as opposed to independence per se).

    Let's not be distracted by this unpleasantness, there is much to do. We're just going to have to learn from this and think even more carefully and responsibly before we write from now on, and then hopefully this sorry episode will serve as some sort of weird (if painful) blessing in disguise. I'd much rather we were sorting out our laundry at this stage rather than in the week we run up to the election!!

  13. Thanks for your comments folks, I am trying to sort through all the stuff I have on this moron.

    If you see any posts from him elsewhere can you send me links? Just post them here, and if it is on your own blog, and you know how to do it, IP addresses?

    I will update my blog tomorrow with more information.



  14. Scunnert - pished masel great description.


    I knew you'd be worth my click.