Thursday, 3 December 2009

Optimum Population poppycock

Whether you are persuaded by the AGW man made global disaster arguments, or not, you surely cannot be convinced by the Optimum Population Trust's preferred solution.

Courtesy of Radio 4s Today program this morning and this surprisingly honest report on the BBC website we are told that we can now reduce our carbon footprint most effectively by funding contraceptive programmes in the developing world.

The holes in the faulty logic behind this press release, disguised as news, are legion, and I don't feel the need to out them here.

The Trust do have one point though, and it nicely amplifies the negativity and futility of the reductive actions advocated by the green lobby; if we all have no children, within a couple of generations man made CO2 should disappear completely - pity nobody will be about to enjoy that glorious non event.

I don't trust any pseudo scientific charity who specialise in picking arbitrary numbers out of thin air (which does naturally contain carbon dioxide), and then campaigning for them;  5 a day, 14 alcohol units, 60 million, 6g - all bite sized politiciking with little foundation in science.

Life stealers the lot of them; for the sake of all of our futures I'd advocate sterilisation for anybody who buys into this kind of nonsense.

Edit: Is this a move towards implementing an unprotected sex tax next?  Next thing you know they will be taxing the air we breathe - oh fuck CO2 is 0.03% of air. Well water then - doh! what's that meter in the cupboard for?

Death and taxes - Fuckity fuck...


  1. Europeans have negative population growth. I take that to indicate western women are voting with their wombs for smaller populations. I defer to their wisdom and will not argue contrary to their decision.

    However, capitalism is predicated upon continual growth and will not tolerate interference with that model. Therefore, if the women of the west will not produce market fodder they will be replaced by women from the east who have not the luxury of making such antisocial decisions.

    Mass starvation is lurking just around the corner but that's no reason to plan ahead - eh?

  2. @scunnert - Human Beings particularly those in poorer countries, those being targeted by the OP Trust, contribute nothing to the CO2 problem - if there be such a thing. This press release is about CO2 not starvation, they make the startling claim that contraception will reduce CO2 production more than alternative energy on the 1st world.

    I wasn't going to start picking holes in their assertions, but here goes - The third world poor consume little or no fossil fuels; they eat, burn and feed their animals with plants whose carbon was absorbed recently, not buried away millions of years ago. You couldn't target a less appropriate group, on more fatuous grounds.

    CO2 scare stories abound, and I am hacked off with yet another angle on "greensanity" coming from left field every day.

  3. P in life there are those that do things and those that fart around sticking their noses into places they are not welcome. All to avoid work. These clowns come from intergenerational scyvers.