Wednesday, 9 December 2009

PSST! - Is the coast clear?

It's all gorn very quiet, I wonder if it is safe to come out?

Very busy at work for the first time in a while, that and of course hunting down baddies in my Doris Day buckskin cowgirl outfit, back soon...

"Take that yer goddam varmint!"


  1. Ha, Polaris!

    Well done, that girl!

    Think you have done us all a huge favour. And best of all, given the aftermath of recent events, it would seem that the malevolent actions of pathetic bloghounds who take pleasure in hurting and frightening innocent people, have spectacularly backfired.

    Whoever it is/was, has totally shot themselves in the foot. Why yes, it seems safe to "come out" as you put it above. Safer than it probably was before, in fact! Yet more truths flushed out into the ether as a result, I feel.

    Brilliant. And that Doris Day picture is an absolute classic.


  2. Anythin' he can do, you can do better ...

  3. Doris Poloris - Genius Gal-eUs