Thursday, 31 December 2009

The sun sets on the noughties...

The last ten years have passed with a panic inducing pace for me, if ever I needed a reminder of how short life is I only need to reflect on just how small the step from my 30s to 40s has been; now no longer young but middle-aged and depressingly able to recount details of decades, with absolute clarity, that pre-date the recall of a significant percentage of the adult population.

Despite the turmoil of terrorist attacks, war, corrupt politics, the New Labour experiment, the collapse of unregulated greed disguised as capitalism with added 'trickle down' and the removal of the few vestiges of our freedoms and civil rights, coupled with the complete immersion of large swathes of society in anti-science paranoid faith based stupidity I am glad to be here, largely intact - and still raging against the machine.

2010 heralds the beginning of another year of stuff; you know elections and erections, death and life, greed and generosity, logic and stupidity - human business as usual. I'll be there too, I guess with only 4 hours to go that's a pretty safe assertion, shouting and screaming - trying to be heard above the background of Ovis like indifference - waging a one woman campaign for something better, more sustainable - and I don't mean the "sustainable" that has been co-opted, bastardised and monopolised by our green tinted cousins.

It's been a shit ten years for our species, however I am determined to raise a glass to a brighter future tonight, please join me - if you will:
Here's to us, wha's like us?
Damn few
And they're aw deid...
Now wasn't that prescient?

Awra best to you all - here's hoping for peace and health for all of you and yours


Clara (Polaris) Ross


  1. All the very best for 2010 Clara!

    I discovered you late in the year but I have enjoyed all your stuff.

    Stay well,


  2. To you as well Capt. Ranty sir :D

    I, like you, discovered your site toward the end of the year - and in an act of mutual appreciation; rate you highly.

    Have a great one


  3. The very warmest New Year's wishes to you.

  4. Happy new year Clara! Let's hope this decade is an improvement on the last one.


  5. Happy New Year to you Clara and best wishes for blogging in 2010.

    Your thoughts about the 'noughties' mirror most of mine except that I have progressed from middle-aged to more middle aged? Golly, was it a decade ago that we were supposed to be worrying about Y2K?

  6. Happy New Year.

    The Noughties were shite, the Teenies probably won't be any better, but I'll try to be optimistic. At least Brown and Labour will probably be out of power and that is something to look forward to, though I'd prefer trials amd executions.

  7. End of a strange year. Never thought back in 2001 that the Conservatives would ever have been able to reform back to compassionate One Nation politics and go and win.

    Well, another year, another step closer to death. Hope everyone enjoys their time.


  8. Just managed to bugger up a long comment!

    Nevermind. Happy New Year Anyway


  9. Thanks for all your kind wishes, let's hope our collective optimism (well mainly) is realised in 2010.

    I am intrigued WW, do tell more.

    Well I am off to cook some meat and drink some more...

  10. Welcome back, where you've been?

    Ma heid hurts.

    Happy New Year

  11. To you too Bugger, have another drink - it always helps. I had to take the blog down to tidy it up and duck a little. After my involvement in the MSM outing debacle my traffic was just a little too high, there was also a lot of suspicious activity - I know; I must be the only blogger who feels uncomfortable with too many hits!

  12. Ahm no deid yet hen - awra bes tae you anaw.

  13. Glad to hear it scunnert, I must admit that I was a little concerned by your new blog - and the disappearing posts...

  14. Polaris,

    Bliadhna Mhath Ur, hope it's a great one, I've just entered my 40s and I'm also starting to realise one needs to understand the law if he/she is to be truly free!

    Ranty has much to answer for....

    Regards Crazy Daisy