Thursday, 31 December 2009

The sun sets on the noughties...

The last ten years have passed with a panic inducing pace for me, if ever I needed a reminder of how short life is I only need to reflect on just how small the step from my 30s to 40s has been; now no longer young but middle-aged and depressingly able to recount details of decades, with absolute clarity, that pre-date the recall of a significant percentage of the adult population.

Despite the turmoil of terrorist attacks, war, corrupt politics, the New Labour experiment, the collapse of unregulated greed disguised as capitalism with added 'trickle down' and the removal of the few vestiges of our freedoms and civil rights, coupled with the complete immersion of large swathes of society in anti-science paranoid faith based stupidity I am glad to be here, largely intact - and still raging against the machine.

2010 heralds the beginning of another year of stuff; you know elections and erections, death and life, greed and generosity, logic and stupidity - human business as usual. I'll be there too, I guess with only 4 hours to go that's a pretty safe assertion, shouting and screaming - trying to be heard above the background of Ovis like indifference - waging a one woman campaign for something better, more sustainable - and I don't mean the "sustainable" that has been co-opted, bastardised and monopolised by our green tinted cousins.

It's been a shit ten years for our species, however I am determined to raise a glass to a brighter future tonight, please join me - if you will:
Here's to us, wha's like us?
Damn few
And they're aw deid...
Now wasn't that prescient?

Awra best to you all - here's hoping for peace and health for all of you and yours


Clara (Polaris) Ross

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Tinseltown time...

It's that time of the year when our thoughts turn to tinsel and such, and also that time of the week for me to plunder my music collection and chill - and in a clever trick tonight I can tie both together.

Scotland has produced some refreshingly original bands over the last 30 years, often completely out of the blue, and these guys fit that bill perfectly.  If you missed them first time around the good news is they are still playing, erm - does that mean this is still the first time? Oh never minds, you know what I mean...

I hope you enjoy this, for me a song that reliably evokes memories of misty Glasgow city evenings on the run up to Christmas.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Rat Book, back out of the sewer...

The more you can increase fear of drugs and crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all the people.
Noam Chomsky
I note the odious Rat Book project has resurfaced on a webserver based in northern Spain.  The website dedicated to naming and shaming the UKs criminal fraternity (it is mainly men, sorry guys!), has had a face-lift and is alive and kicking somewhere near Santiago De Compostella - presumably located there in an attempt to avoid some of the legal problems a UK based server would experience.  Not quite the Costa Crime but the same principle.

The developer's proud boast?
The UK's leading name and shame website. The Rat Book is the result of 18 months development and over 80,000 hours research, designed to expose paedophiles, abusers, rapists, perverts, violent criminals, and terrorists across the UK. We believe that you have the right to know about criminals living and operating in your area, and that through awareness, you can improve the safety of your family.
I'm not a fan of mob-rule personally and I little trust our legal system, so this is the alternative? Clearly this website is simply a vote for vigilantism and feeds the fear of crime agenda.  The same agenda so readily adopted by a desperate state, bereft of anything positive to offer us, but keen to impose 'their' order on an increasingly fragmented and unhappy society.

So much for rehabilitation and a belief in paying your price to society, this site and our crime obsessed gutter press are hand in hand with the 'State-us Co Ltd' to keep society subservient and thankful for their indulgences.  So go on; indulge your self-loathing by gloating over the mistakes of others and demonstrate your own flawless life by chucking a brick through an offender's window, or worse.

Way to go humanity (I use that term advisedly); we do not tolerate mistakes, forget rehabilitation forgiveness or redemption here - schadenfreude and revenge are now the order of the day...

Will somebody please show me the exit?

Friday, 11 December 2009

New Disnae Movie

Written by Prof. Phil Jones, distributed by Al Gore,
Inconvenient Lies Enterprises (c) 2009

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

PSST! - Is the coast clear?

It's all gorn very quiet, I wonder if it is safe to come out?

Very busy at work for the first time in a while, that and of course hunting down baddies in my Doris Day buckskin cowgirl outfit, back soon...

"Take that yer goddam varmint!"

Monday, 7 December 2009

Ich gebe nicht eine Scheiße

You know they say to care is to be vulnerable - well I don't [Ref:Blogger Profile]

It would appear our cowardly anti-blogger enforcer has some more "revelations", it's getting all very tiresome.  Well Mr Bloggy, Scoop, Pappenhacker, Reporter Sans Frontallobes, whatever - If you have done any research, and found out anything about me (and not somebody else as it would appear); you will know that I really don't give a shit - and that makes for a messy outcome.

On a side note - the abuse team at your ISP are now reviewing their logs, and I'm sorry to say they seem to agree with the bloggers you have threatened/hoaxed/harassed.

Now I am calling you out, why would you want to hide if you are so convinced by the veracity of your case?  I'll give you the complete story, my story - and when you die of boredom; you can factor in the average hits of <100 per day (mostly me) of a marginal blogger of average intelligence, who is happy to stand by her every opinion expressed herein and decide whether your loss of broadband and Police investigation were worth it.

And then you can tell me all about your very sorry existence.
My headline - "Boring Blogger with strong opinions and no readers exposed"
Your headline - "Pappenhacker exposed as SNP stalker"
Now that story might be worth syndicating, and I have a journalist friend who is very interested in just that kind of thing.  Way to go Scoop!

So email me, and we can arrange a meeting - in a mutually convenient location?  You could even come to my place, I'll do us some canapés and a nice Chianti.
Fava beans anyone?

Sunday, 6 December 2009

The MacBloggyfear bites back - Pt.1

Phew, what a day yesterday was.  In the face of a bankrupt Scottish press and a State-us quo that seems to consider pseudonymous bloggers some kind of threat "how dare we express ourselves and our opinions?" , I embarked on a one woman campaign to get to the bottom of exactly which Journalist openly opined that bloggers, and it would seem in particular Nationalist bloggers, were deserving of the kind of treatment a tinpot dictatorial state would advocate.

Interestingly that previous link goes straight to an organisation called "Reporters Sans Frontières", ironically the latter pseudonym our self-enforced-blogger-outer-plastic-cop antagonist hid under. So have I got this right Herr BlogenJäger? - You are an advocate of press freedom and all that good stuff implicit in freedom of expression, and also a supporter of anonymous, sometimes subversive, blogging elsewhere - just not in Scotland?

What's that you say? 'Yes?'

Way to go, my already low opinion of the press plummets quickly towards the molten mantle.  Well Mr Bloggy you are in good company as Drumlanrig agrees in the Hootsman today (Hootsmantip: Conan the Librarian), in fact he positively revels in it.
Drumlanrig is delighted to report that questionable anonymous blogs have been closing down all over cyberspace after this newspaper last week exposed that one particular cybernat was in fact Russell's office manager.
The paranoia of our literally, fiscally bankrupt biased behemoth of a Scottish press knows no limits - is this pseudonymous columnist actually implying that we are all questionable party political activists and need to be 'cleansed'?  Or is it just the Cybernats?  I thought the press were non-partisan?

On a personal jealousy tinted note "cybernat" is such a cool handle, I wish I could come up with an anarchistic/unionist equivalent, but I digress. Did I mention Drumlanrig 'hides' behind a pseudonym, no double standards detected there - moreover I've never trusted anybody that refers to themselves in the 3rd person - it's a bit like overhearing a paranoid schizoprenic talking to their reflection in a mirror - a bit weird, it's just not right. Polaris doesn't like that, she don't...

So Subrosa wasn't outed, Conan is still pushing books, and the Blogsith appears to have been found out for the doublespeak-delusional-denizen of the MacBloggysphere we suspected.  What's to do?

Pt2. later.  In the words of those cuddly Klingons "bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'"

Well look I do have a life, I've been sitting at my dining room/computer table all night. Can't a girl take 2 minutes to eat or summit?

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Honey traps do work: anti-blogger media campaigns - pt2.

As most of you are aware there has been an odious and feckless alleged-journalist sniffing around Scottish blogs with a sinister agenda.  As somebody who has the complete indifference, resources and time; given my self employment and ongoing illness I thought I'd put some of my spare time into catching the little monkey who claims he is a News Corp journalist.  Hence my post of this morning - a "Honey Trap" if you will, and not the only one I've setup.

Yup I've gone and set myself up and it'll probably result in me trashing my own little blog; but he responded right on cue, jackboots and all...

Call me "", "Anonymous", "" or "Mark McLachlan" is currently digging through the contents of my blog (see the image at the top).  I blocked his IP address earlier with an appropriate message - just to indulge my innate sociopathy and provoke him - and got an immediate and very revealing response, not a poker player then.  He now continues using that reputable anonymous proxy "hidemyass" with admirable determination.

The behaviour of the MSM towards Wardog, Subrosa and I suspect others has been described as threatening and harassing, there are laws against that; as well as some nice IPCC guidelines.  I know for a fact that the user of this IP address (see image) was directly involved in the harassment of these bloggers - and others, boastfully taking credit in comment threads

So far I have multiple false identities tied to this one user, attempts at deception by presenting himself as Mark McLachlan (Montague Burton's wrongly spelled name) to another blogger in order to gain their confidence, threatening emails and promises of continued harassment - and all with a real anti-SNP political bias.  Very telling, now who would be interested in this type of thing; perhaps another journalist, the SNP, or his ISP?  He does seem to be in breach of his ISP's acceptable use policy, and they promise disconnection, we could start there.

I can't help wondering, given that he claims to be an employee of a news organisation that has publicly dropped their support of Labour, are News Corp now taking the same stand against the SNP?

Oh look a couple of emails from Google alerts - it looks like he has also Googled my name a couple of times in the last few minutes, good old Google Alerts - I can recommend them for keeping an eye on snoopers

I'm now completely convinced that there is one, grubby and unhinged wordmangler out there. Looking to harass bloggers - and judging by his comments, which are nicely stored to add to the dossier of disease I am building up, happy to threaten and deceive in the cause of 'outing' amateur commentators.

Way to go; investigative journalism at it's very British best.

I really hope he doesn't come down to my local pub - the language and opinions heard on most evenings would shock his squeaky clean sensibilities to the core.  In that case I wonder if he would hunt down their employers, families, clients and friends and grass them up?

Moderated comments are on, I'm off Christmas Shopping (yuk!) - will respond to emails and comments on my heavily laden return.

New newspaper campaign north of the border...

Ali Bannister (AKA DM, Anonymous), ragman and spokesperson for a well known shite factory, commented in an interview with Scunnert 'Yeah - but people didn't lose their jobs, then. We're fighting back.'

Boo Hoo, I wonder who is to blame for that?

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Optimum Population poppycock

Whether you are persuaded by the AGW man made global disaster arguments, or not, you surely cannot be convinced by the Optimum Population Trust's preferred solution.

Courtesy of Radio 4s Today program this morning and this surprisingly honest report on the BBC website we are told that we can now reduce our carbon footprint most effectively by funding contraceptive programmes in the developing world.

The holes in the faulty logic behind this press release, disguised as news, are legion, and I don't feel the need to out them here.

The Trust do have one point though, and it nicely amplifies the negativity and futility of the reductive actions advocated by the green lobby; if we all have no children, within a couple of generations man made CO2 should disappear completely - pity nobody will be about to enjoy that glorious non event.

I don't trust any pseudo scientific charity who specialise in picking arbitrary numbers out of thin air (which does naturally contain carbon dioxide), and then campaigning for them;  5 a day, 14 alcohol units, 60 million, 6g - all bite sized politiciking with little foundation in science.

Life stealers the lot of them; for the sake of all of our futures I'd advocate sterilisation for anybody who buys into this kind of nonsense.

Edit: Is this a move towards implementing an unprotected sex tax next?  Next thing you know they will be taxing the air we breathe - oh fuck CO2 is 0.03% of air. Well water then - doh! what's that meter in the cupboard for?

Death and taxes - Fuckity fuck...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ah'm a practical paitriot no a romantic separatist

Nane o yer bleary ee'd romanticism fur me, gie me Edwin Morgan o'er Burns ony day.

Mah Grannie's faimily came fae Falkirk, thay wirked in the ironwirks fur generations - hou Burns saw it wis wrang, he didnae e'en git in.

Morgan on the ither haund saw Burns and his pertenshuns fur whit they wur; a perfect analogy fur romantic Nationalism aginst Paitriotism.
Roberts Burns, impromptu on Carron Iron works, 1787

We cam na here to view your warks
In hopes to be mair wise,
But only, lest we gang to Hell,
It may be nae surprise.
But when we tirl'd at your door
The porter dought na bear us:
Sae may, should we to Hell's yetts come,
Your billie Satan sair us.
Burns? Jist a cockapentie, nou try this:
Edwin Morgan, James Macfarlan, 1997

"A man's a man for a' that" – how does he know?
Traipsing with his plough, the rural hero,
Swaggering down the lea-rigs, talking to mice,
Sweating his sickly verses to entice
Lassies he'd never see again, strutting
Through the salons in his best breeches, rutting
In a cloud of claret, buttonholing
Lord This, sweet-talking Doctor That, bowling
His wit down levees, bosoms, siller quaichs –
D'ye think he's ever heard the groans and skraighs
Of city gutters, or marked the shapes that wrap
Fog and smoke about them as if they could hap
Homelessness or keep hunger at bay? What,
Not heard or seen, but has he even thought
How some, and many, and more than many, survive,
Or don't survive, on factory floors, or thrive
Or fail to thrive by foundry fires, or try
To find the words – sparks scatter and bolts fly –
That's feeble – to show the new age its dark face?
The Carron Ironworks – how he laughed at the place,
Made a joke of our misery, passed on
To window-scratch his diamond-trivia, and swan
Through country-house and customs-post, servile
To the very gods from which he ought to resile!
"Liberty's a glorious feast," you said.
Is that right? Wouldn't the poor rather have bread?
Burns man, I'm hard on you, I'm sorry for it.
I think such poetry is dangerous, that's all.
Poetry must pierce the filthy wall
With cries that die on country ways. The glow
Of bonhomie will not let the future grow.

'James Macfarlan' is part of the sequence 'The Five-Pointed Star', five monologues about Robert Burns. The other voices are Catherine the Great, Sir James Murray (first editor of the Oxford English Dictionary), Franz Kafka and 'An Anonymous Singer of the 21st Century'. The poems were written for the bicentenary of Burns' death in 1996.

James Macfarlan (1832-1862) was the son of an Irish pedlar. He published three books of verse, and eked out a living writing for newspapers and magazines. A heavy drinker, he joined the temperance moved in 1860 but died in poverty two years later.

Robert Burns visited the Carron Ironworks in August 1787. Refused admission, he scratched a verse on the window of a nearby inn.

[Ref: Edwin Morgan Archive]

Advanced Media Watch

I'm sorry to hear the young blogger Advanced Media Watch has decided to quit blogging today, he has been building up to it for a while and had alluded to his fatigue both on his blog and in comments posted elsewhere, so I am not entirely surprised.  Omar and I started blogging within a few days of each other and were amongst the first commenters on each others blogs.

We were very much opposites; gender notwithstanding, age and politics set us apart - but we shared a determination to "scratch that itch"; our blogs an attempt to articulate our opinions on that most frustrating of subjects - politics.

I wish you well in the future in whatever you do Omar - based on our email exchanges and debates on your blog I am sure you will acquit yourself well, wherever life takes you.

In answer to your final post; you are not at the "End of the Road" but taking the first steps on what I am sure will be a long, interesting, fruitful and worthwhile journey.

See ya, I hope...

PS: I don't think I'll be about in 42 years time however.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Windows Woes - The Black Screen of Death

If you haven't heard about it so far, there is a serious problem affecting Microsoft Windows that may cause problems for up to 7 million users (an underestimate in my opinion).  It is widely referred to as "The Black Screen of Death".  You may find when you start your Windows PC that it appears to do nothing once logged in.

This can affect users of Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 or Windows 2008.

There are a few genuine fixes available, and millions of sites offering a fix as an excuse to download or install malicious software.

If you are affected I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. Restore your computer to the 'Last Known Good Configuration" by accessing the system restore boot options.  To do this press the F8 button repeatedly immediately after switching it on - then select the "Last Known Good Configuration" option.  This should restore your previous registry settings on the next boot.

  2. If that doesn't work try this (courtesy of the good people at Prevx)
1) Restart your PC

2) Logon and wait for the black screen to appear

3) Make sure your PC should be able to connect to the internet (black screen does not appear to affect this)

4) Press the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys simultaneously

5) When prompted, Click Start Task Manager

6) In Task Manager Click on the Application Tab

7) Next Click New Task

8) Now enter the command:

"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" ""

Note this command assumes that you are using internet explorer as your browser, if not substitute your browser path and file details for those of iexplore.exe or use the Browser option of Task manager to locate it.

9) Click OK and your browser should start up and begin the download process

10) When prompted for the download Click run, the black screen fix program will download and run to automatically fix the issue.

11) Now restart your PC and the black screen problem will hopefully be gone.
The cause? It is believed to be an update issued by Microsoft in the last two weeks that appears to erroneously reset the security on the program that loads your desktop, making it invalid.  Microsoft are reported by the BBC as investigating the causes, and have officially denied via Technet that their updates are to blame - pointing the finger at 'Malware'.

I'm expecting a busy few days myself; but hey if they didn't go wrong I would be much the poorer.

I think i'll start recommending Apple Macs - and if you do own any Microsoft shares...

Update 2nd December 13:00 - Microsoft are denying responsibility, but reports are increasing.  I've run one of the updates alleged to be the cause without ill effect on a test Windows XP PC - but have received another call from a client.  If I get to the bottom of the problem I'll update this article.

The chalk face too tough for Hyslop?

Fiona Hyslop, the least charismatic minister in Scottish political history has lost her portfolio - if you find it can you send it to Mike Russell?

Mike is obviously being punished for the recent office manager related faux pas and his special responsibility for the constitution resulting in a watered down 789,000 option referendum proposal (see above). Just the kind of minister we need in education, I look forward to his department's new multiple choice exams.

Finally in an absolute confirmation of the lack of depth of talent in the SNP government; Fiona has taken over Mike's responsibilities for culture.

New Labour created the Government Of All Talents the so called GOATS.   The SNP on the other hand seem to have gone for the COLTS - a Committee Of Limited Talents...