Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Call me Dave, consultants, the NHS and pianos

David Cameron, the straight guy in the comedy duo Osborne and Cameron (doesn't bode well for an entertaining election campaign, does it?) is going to abolish targets in the NHS, well apart from the important targets - he'll employ an army of consultants to decide which ones those are. "I’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS" yeah right CallmeDave - and I personally will swallow a fucking grand piano, whole...


  1. Not impressed with dippy Dave.

  2. Nope neither am I banned. He tries too hard to be something he's not. Can't he buy a personality with all the cash he has?

  3. Well for one thing there is no alternative to this class of political parasites, at least not one viable one, except perhaps the lampost and piano wire one in the short term.

    With the Labour party and the 30% who will still vote for them tomorrow, what is going on here. Are they so stupid not to see how they are being herded, manipulated and fucked over hourly?

    I counted the number of people who are on unemployment and invalidity benefit and then I added the number of civil and local government workers, the numbers in the education sector, the new immigrants who vote by post and on and on. Those who are the client state and bingo. damn near 30%

    So Dave will not dismantle the client state but will morph it to be his.

    I could go on but, you lady have buggered up my morning by forcing me to type this and I haven't yet had my breakfast. If fact you have put me off it.


  4. Dave "boy" Cameron is nothing but his own construct. Real politicians have a burning desire to go one way, and "follow me" if you want to go where I will lead. They erect the sign, set out their argument and rally the troops.

    Bliar sniffed that out. He is not a politician but a slimy marketing man, a snake oil salesman a parasite on peoples hopes and aspirations. He say not where his heart tells him he should go but asks the question, "where do you want to go, and I will arrange it"?

    That is itself is not a bad think, political pundits call it "using your antennae" but, this is much less to do with keeping ears to the ground and more to do with stealing and manipulating these fears, aspirations and basic fucking needs to their own benefit. To achieve this Blair had to deconstruct and then reconstruct the Labour Party. He created a parliamentary party of career policians, who have once in Westminster, no alternative job alternatives except being an MP. This eans toeing Tony's line and being Lobby foddder. It is no happenchance that the most enthusiastic supporter of Gordon's "no alternative aprt tie work when you are an MP" was David Cameron. He knows that when you have your team on a drip feed of patronage and you have the hand on the valve their hearts and inds will follow.

    So Cameron is a Blair clone

    Cameron is no conviction politician, power without scruples, deceit before honesty is his mantra and to Hell with the consequences.

    A politician's time horizon varies only from tomorrow's headline to the next election and NO further, They are in a class of ego maniacs of their own.

    So why do we not see through this and vote accordingly?

  5. Oh and finally, while I still have the strength, that Lib Dum guy, whatever his name is is a reconstruct of the genetic offcuts after Blair was cloned into Cameron. He lacks certain important alleles.

  6. Cameron is the Paris Hilton of politics.

  7. @banned & subrosa, Dave offers little - if he is successful in the election I anticipate a parliamentary term of blaming the previous incumbents for anything he fails to do.

    @bugger, didn't mean to spoil your vodka and cornflakes, sorry. Personality politics and politicians - I think that's what it's called, offers no hope - just a sad reflection of our own celebrity obsessed society. Give me consensus through debate, engagement - and not a wooden figurehead. As for the state economy; the most laughable thing I ever heard was a head of a Scottish local council boasting (yes boasting) that his council provided employment for 48% of his constituents - when I asked him to explain how that was financially tenable he was floored.

    Clegg - genetic residue, that's an insult to science!

    @scunnert - LOL, just less intelligent - and needs more airbrushing.

  8. It worries me that dippy Dave wants to rebrand the NHS as the Public Health Service. Public Health is not about my health or yours, it is about that of the public at large.
    Down this road is compulsory vaccination because that will be to the benefit of the public in general. Having failed to scare me into giving up smoking, drinking, driving, reducing my carbon footprint, or eating as I see fit will they use Public Health to bully me in the supposed interests of everybody else?