Friday, 8 January 2010

Do politicians lie?

Well I know that neocons do - they say zealots are blind to inconvenient truths but this pronouncement really defies belief: 

Where was he when 9/11 kicked off?  He was the Mayor of New York, who publicly pronounced that he was glad that George W. Bush was resident in the White House - surely he couldn't have forgotten that?

Cause or effect?  Some of the nine eleven/Al Quaeda deniers are very excited - asserting that his "slip" is proof absolute that there was some sort of conspiracy.  This interview has gone viral in hours.

Personally?  I think it's much simpler; he is a fucking idiot and a liar - having told so many expedient lies in his career that he has finally tripped himself up, publicly. And that's par for the course for shabby grasping politicians the world over.


  1. Weird, unless he thinks that the Twin Towers was not domestic, but then again pantsman was hardly an American citizen either.

  2. Hi QM - and the shoe bomber to name but one more?

    I was astonished when I saw it - took a little while to confirm it wasn't a hoax.

  3. Maybe he thinks it doesn't count because they started planning the attack some years earlier during the Clinton presidency? It's a stretch, but probably not to a politician, and then it would be those inept Democrats again. Or maybe we've reached the "we've always been at war with Eastasia" stage and it's no longer important even for someone like Giuliani to remember when and where and why it started.

    Or, as Polaris said, he's just a fucking idiot.

  4. Rudy evidently really believes it. Surely you have met people who have a bit of their brain into which they can secrete inconvenient truths?

    Just look at Blair. He would have topped himself by now if the full import of his guilt over Iraq was able to make its way into his consciousness. He still runs around countering every new fact with a slightly altered version of his story. And it is as if he had always thought that way.

    But to blot out 9/11. That takes class.

  5. He's not denying 9/11 happened, just that it was a terrorist attack. Clearly he's coming out as a troofer and is pinning the blame on (Clinton appointees in) the CIA.

  6. Thanks to all of you for your comments;

    @ QM - how domestic does it have to be? and remember - there was the Pentagon and the plane that came down in open country.

    @ scunnert - not soon enough for me.

    @ Angry Exile, thanks - I'm sticking by my feery, idiot and liar. As my dear old granny said "you need a good memory to be a good liar".

    @ incoming - but surely, if the conspiracy theory(ies) were to be believed he is one of the co-conspirators (as a piltico), and therefore should be reinforcing the lie?

    @ ww - Bliar set a high standard, but this is head and shoulders above methinks.

    @ Tom, thanks, surely that fight has long since gone?