Sunday, 10 January 2010

The fall of a dynasty, NornIron styleee...

I am watching the whole Robinson dynasty disintegration bemused, an all too rare occasion to enjoy the hypocrisy of the judgmental deliciously spiced with the deserved comeuppance of an arrogant First Minister and his lunatic god-bothering wife.

I heard this morning that a Belfast radio station has been playing Mrs Robinson, the iconic Simon and Garfunkel song, constantly, as a result of the volume of requests from its listeners.

I know NornIron fairly well, I worked there in the 1980's - on my first visit my car was nicked and found burnt out in east Belfast.  It was a brand new, and at the time I thought cool, Ford Orion Ghia, in white.

The RUC officer, who turned up in an armoured Land Rover, dressed like robocop and armed to the teeth, took my statement, and as I bemoaned the loss of my lovely car, and noting my tears he turned to me sympathetically and said
"Never mind love, it's only an Escort with a boot - you can buy a proper car next time"
Self deprecation and the ability to laugh in the face of adversity is something I admired in the folks I met in war torn Belfast and something that we across the UK share.

So here's to you Mrs Robinson

Hattip: Plato


  1. Absolutely brilliant.

    I just hope that this wicked, hypocritical, evil old cow's actions, based on greed, pride, theft and lust don't end up putting the whole power sharing, assembly thing at risk.

    She has played into the hands of extremists. People's lives may be lost because:

    she thought she was above the word of God that she rammed down the throats of the rest of us;

    she wanted loads and loads of other people's money;

    and she couldn't keep her hands off a bit of teenage willie.

    Here's to you, indeed, Mrs Robinson. Enjoy your skiing holiday in France while you leave oterh people to clean up your mess.

  2. Polaris, I used to live in Belfast a wonderful vibrant city. May I recommend Colin Bateman as an author to you if you like the humour, try Divorcing Jack as the first Dan Starkey novel - priceless!

  3. schadenfreude (my favorite word) all round on this one.

    And if the conservatives regain power it will not be long before some schadenfreude will be heading their way.

    What with allinstitution(Christian of course) of marriage garbage they spout.

  4. CD - Love Bateman, finished Belfast Confidential (the sort of De Lorean story) recently.

  5. @ tris, thanks - Mrs Robinson really is the scum of the - she was a hypocrite of gargantuan proportion.

    MR M - I am not indulging in simple schadenfreude, it may be karma - if I believed in such nonsense. Iris Robinson and her hubby set themselves up for this - power motivated intolerant evil doers are deserving recipients of a little payback.

  6. Splendid.

    Now we seem to be getting The Sounds of Silence...

  7. CD - is there a particular novel featuring Starkey I should look for?

    Off to Waterstones tomorrow, I bought The Road yesterday and finished it last night - short!

  8. My in-laws are from there, the "Ballymena Bible Belt". Alas, our Christmas visit ended just as Mrs Robinson announced her "depression"! They do love a good bit of scandal over there...

  9. I read The Road in one evening as well...couldn't put it down. Was the small hours of the morning by the time I got to the last page.

    No Country for Old Men and Blood Meridian are also excellent novels.

    Might be more to come on this...planning system over there is a shambles and the cosy relationship between developers and politicians is often commented upon. Rumours of other affairs (baker and candlestick maker and their sons as well?) and spouse-beating cropping up online.

    Will Private Eye do a Sylvie Krin special?

  10. Inorder Divorcing Jack, Of wee sweetie mice and men, Turbulent Priests, Shooting Sean, Thehorse with my name, Driving big Davie. Mystery man was his last on paperback and prior to that Orpheus Rising and I Predict a Riot (my fave saying!). Belfast Confidential was the last novel with Dan as the main character. I'd buy off Amazon online from one of their book dealers u may pick them up for £1 or 2! Happy reading.


  11. Didn't I read somewhere the first six Presidents of the US were descended from Ulster Irish?

  12. P just wondered if this is revenge for the NIrish slinging unwelcome Pykies out of town last year? Just wondering, that's all. Mustn't have anyone trying to make their neighbourhoods anything other than what the powers that be want. Refugee strewen waste lands. These two have just had their demolition charges set off, haven't they?

  13. Polaris,

    I'm reliably informed today that Robinson used to be Paisley's "Attack Dog" and is the Unionist/Loyalist equivalent of Martin MaGuinness. Funny how he's FM of NI, scum and allegedly as twisted as Trimble was!

    You learn something new every day, I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Robinson had been duvet hurdling elsewhere too.....just a thought!


  14. @ Nikos - not that silent though - lot's of rumours abound.

    @ Jess - I like NornIron and the people, the religious thing is a flaw though. Private Eye have always avoided digging too deep on "The Problems", quite rightly. I can't believe she had an affair with his dad before 'comforting' him. I'll maybe pickup some more books by Mr McCarthy.

    @CD - I am in the process of ordering the first two, thanks. I hinted at Mr Robinson's fuckwittery on the post - he is a Presbyterian nutjob, and an ex-terrorist to boot - according to CAIN - the University of Ulster "Confict Archive on the Internet".

  15. @tapestry - that's interesting, I didn't know that - but very possible, I'll look into it.

    @incoming - racism is just another manifestation of the intolerance of some in NI, I think. It is nice to see them being (to steal your metaphor) detonated...