Friday, 1 January 2010


Old Holborn has declared his intention to assert his rights as a free individual and live outwith the reigns imposed on all of us by a controlling state, as he puts it - as "a Freeman of the land."

The decision by any individual to live their life unencumbered by the state is one that requires real conviction and determination. Success requires an enormous amount of effort but I know it to be ultimately rewarding, allow me to explain:
In 2000 I met a guy who lived successfully as a 'Perpetual Traveler', his life story was fascinating.  Having made a small fortune in the Internet boom of the late 90s he chose to opt out; living his life with the minimum of state interference - paying no tax and free to come and go as he pleased. He now travels the globe keeping an eye on his various investments, most importantly doing it for himself and his own benefit - and that of his loved ones.  As he recounted me his story it dawned on me that he was perhaps the only truly free person I had ever met, and I determined then that if I ever made enough money I'd do likewise.  Steve is still out there, we email each other from time to time, he flits between one impossibly beautiful location and another; free.

Me?  I haven't made that fortune yet, but all is not lost - perpetual traveling is not the only option.

As I understand it Old Holborn has a family and a business and that he wishes to remain in the UK.  These circumstances limit his options but I am sure he can make a success of his rejection of hegemony disguised as democracy; I've gone some of the way down this road myself with ease, and continue, it's challenging and inconvenient but ultimately worthwhile. I also know I am not alone - there are many others; perhaps one day I'll share my story here, suffice it to say it does not benefit me to make too much of a noise about it - that's just asking for trouble.

I wish OH the best of luck - if ever there was a cause worth fighting for it is that of your own freedom.


  1. Yes. I agree. If you have the wit, and of course enough money, to live freely, that is what you should do. You only live once; life is short and when it's gone, it's gone. You don't have the chance to do it over, so grasp it while you can. Clichés? Yes, but true too.

    Good luck to OH.

  2. Clara - wheesht - loose lips sink ships.

  3. Good to see you back Clara. I've been following OH about this and I'm sure he's exceptionally well organised.

  4. Scunnert - I've never been accused of that before :-)

  5. Hi Subrosa, glad to be back, for a while - nice to see you've gone from strength to strength...