Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Germany finds innovative way to track swine flu innoculations...

News from Germany via the Neue Westfälischen:

It appears that Bielefeld has seen it's first victim of swine flu (Schweinegrippe - you've got to love German), there are ten other cases isolated in the Respiratory centre at Gilead hospital.

The good news is that the staff have all been inoculated - and in a characteristically efficient way of tracking those protected by vaccination it would appear that the hospital are removing one finger from the left hand - just to avoid any confusion you understand, and much less controversial than a tattoo...


  1. Lol. I know Bielefeld well. I expect most Germans have been out skating - they have several open air rinks they use in winter and it's great fun. Pity we couldn't think of something so practical here. (In summer they're used as seating areas in the parks).

  2. @Subrosa, you know we have the completely wrong impression of Germans - I found them to be all that the UK wasn't - positive and intelligent, family oriented and good humoured. Gluwein and skating - sounds good...

    @GBB - Here's to wine - it has more than 1001 uses, all in the mind, the important place.

  3. Look at my photo.

    Now you know why your head feels like that next day