Sunday, 31 January 2010

Life in Leith

Queuing in the parky local newsagents earlier today with my Sunday newspapers, the customer in front of me; a pensioner dressed in her Church clobber, right up to the hat and HRH handbag - bible in hand, passed her carefully selected purchases to the sales assistant. I stared with incredulity as I took in her choice of fare; the purchase comprising 4 cans of Carlsberg Special Brew - turning and seeing the look on my face she fixed me with a cheery smile and said "I've hid my god fur the week, this is my devil".

Carlsberg, probably the best reason to attend church...


  1. Ha!

    I LOVE those situations. Sometimes people blow your mind when you least expect them to.

    They are too few, and too far between.

    We should always note them. Just as you have.


  2. LOl... GOd and booze are not mutually exclusive....

  3. I'm betting the beer was for the old fellow and that he wouldn't be getting it until he'd done his Sunday duty.

    wv: stotious (well, truthfully, 'scocous' but that's near enough, I think).

  4. @CR - me too, I should get out more often. The shop assistant and I burst into fits of laughter at her comment - after her departure of course

    @tris - so religion has some saving graces after all

    @edgar - Still an unlikely beverage, I hope they share it with the Sunday roast...