Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Misomaniac me...

I sit aghast at the irrelevance of it all; modern mainstream media craves our attention, insisting we sit up and take notice of the latest non-news or un-entertainment, a never ending stream of inaccuracy and irrelevance that matters not a jot to us, the ordinary consumers - intellectually somnolent victims of our own indifference.

I chose the word consumers after much consideration, the result of my long term search for the correct description of the residents of the UK; we aren't citizens, we are no longer technically subjects under a powerless crown - consumers has the right feel.

Gentle readers please forgive me for this self indulgence, misomania grips my black soul today - I hate everything about this miserable country; our dumbed down, celebrity centric, joyless, weather obsessed, unrepresentative democracy, anti-science and technology, PC placatory society is doomed I fear.

This is not only the opinion of a slightly depressed and disillusioned blogger, well it may be, indulge me further -  consider if you will, the evidence;
  • We have one political party with two leaders, New Labour or Conservative - what's the choice?  A new portrait on the staircase wall of 10 Downing Street the only sign of change
  • We enjoy debts that will cripple our economy for decades, and we do enjoy it - whether we are complaining (a national pastime, which I also enjoy), spending on the never-never or watching the value of our homes increase - patting ourselves on our backs for our financial prowess, but secretly wondering if it really is down to us?
  • Our education system is a nonsensical jumble of politically correct, but academically incorrect, training
  • We hate our children, well technically everybody else's kids
  • More people are members of the RSPB than political parties, birds - yes feathered, and mainly flying, dinosaur descendants are of more import than political process and a desire to seek change by influence from within - FFS
  • Our political classes are out and out career criminals, with the remorse instincts of Kubla Khan
  • Manufacturing industry is now restricted to the manufacture of components for the construction of new supermarkets and retail units in which we sell foreign manufactured goods to each other, units in which we regularly congregate to worship at the feet of the gods of Avarice and Arrerage
  • The "great British" press, mainstream and broadcast media stuff our gullets with an unending diet of trivial mind numbing shit then pillory us for indulging in reactionary protest, negativity or leaning too heavily on the drug of our choice in a vain attempt to blank out the pain
  • We know the price of nothing and the value of nothing
  • We wage war against anybody who does not believe that their country would not benefit from all of the above
I could go on but my laptop keyboard is now awash with tears of blood, I'd better switch it off and dry it out, in preparation for round two.

So much for my new year optimism - 5 days in and I'm yet again considering emigration or revolution - oh well, mustn't grumble...

EDIT: So I am not alone in my new year blues after all, and the Devil believes he has an answer


  1. I vote you go for revolution, after all you don't want the embarrassment of the body scanner as you attempt an escape!

  2. May I suggest a wee bottle of Ozzie Shiraz to start or failing that one of my own called ARSE, see photo.

  3. There is an underlying problem. Many of us just want to lead our quiet lives of desperation, quietly, and without let or hindrance. Those who disagree with this anodyne but harmless course tend to become part of the very things that piss us off, such as local government and the myriad unelected organisations which infringe our right to simply mind our own business.

    It is almost impossible these days, not to have to encounter these dullards and nutters. Sooner or later we have to deal with beureaucracy. Beauracracy is intractible, intrasigent and largely full of people who lack imagination and initiative. They are convinced, really convinced, that it is right that people be organised, led, censured, numbered and the rest. Just take a look on say, Tom Harris MPs blog. Every post brings a crop of people who see it as their role in life to meddle with others. Not only that, they see the State as being somehow a noble institution, collectively omniscient, and infallible like a Pope.

    Labour has packed society with this type of person, from under one million in 1997 to over six million today. Many of these people owe their livelihoods to the State and so, you are not going to get Turkeys voting for Christmas.

    What to do about it?

    Well, we are not very good at revolutions. Many good souls last considered it and went over to France when they were having one, and quickly decided it was a bit rough and uncouth for them.

    We could all join the Libs, I have a lot of time for the Devil, but that will be a long haul.

    All we can do, for the moment, is to become individual freedom fighters. Peter Tatchell, love or hate him, is a good example. Tatchell is withdrawing from being a Parliamentary Candidate as a result of ill-health, brought on by being brain damaged by Mugabes body guards, so there is a big personal cost.

    There will be martyrs, but we do martyrdom rather well, especially women. I see this as being the only way. We must be prepared to dissent, be arrested, be imprisoned, be left alone for what we believe. If enough do it, only then will the lumpenproletariat take heed, for, for the moment, they are too busy channel surfing on Sky and eating take-away pizzas.

    Courage. Resurgam.

  4. P cheer up. I've already put them on the shuvvell for tonights stoking of Freedom's Fiery Furnace.

  5. @Lorenzo - join me at the barricades for a bottle of Arse round the Brazier?

    @BillGoatGruff - can't find that particular label anywhere :D

    @WW, an interesting analysis, I agree with your conclusion - I am a professional pain in the Arse (sic, I don't mean the wine!) to the petit bureaucracy - I complain about everything, I don't have a debit card only a basic bank account and an offshore prepay credit card, no credit at all, I am on very few official databases, no electronic medical records, I keep my business below VAT reg levels - I refuse to become a cog in their machine. But to what end? That's a tough one to answer.

    @Stoker - I'll send you more, soon - thanks

  6. The end, dear Polaris, is the future, which we are in, and to some extent I enjoy.

    I had bleak expectations of being as old as I am in 2010, when I was growing up in the 1960's. I felt then that I could not enjoy it, since, in my youthful incarnation, I felt that the over fifties were irrelevant and could not possibly make any further contribution to society, whilst being confined to bath chairs and addicted to Benylin.

    Well, from this end it is a bit different. Almost everything that affects me personally is better than it was then.

    I have a few good people around me, I have a nice car, nice place to live, better food and I can fly all over Europe for Five Quid - in stark contrast to a flight I took in 1973 from Paris to London, which at today's prices was the equivalent to about Four Hundred Pounds. Considering the damage I did to my body as a youth, I am remarkably healthy.

    What concerns me is the way that choices about the way I live my life are becoming increasingly expensive, and worse, that those choices have been taken away from me by people who I do not consider to be any better than me.

    Like you, I have nothing on credit. Everything I have I own. It is very liberating. But I am not wealthy. If I could really choose, I would go and live in Switzerland or Canada or anywhere which still understands that citizenship is not only about rights but about responsibility. But I can't, and in a way that is right. I don't believe in being a bogus asylum seeker or an economic migrant because I feel vageuley pissed off about my circumstances. What I feel I should do is stay and fight for change.

    My future is vested in what I do now, and how I can use insight and planning to make it better. In some ways I am spoiled. I live a few miles outside of Edinburgh and the lifestyle I have is enviable. Even I envy it, and I am in it. My perception is that we do not have that kind of visceral attachment to being led like sheep. People up here seem to value independence and self determination. Go to the farmer's market and see how determined people are to start a small business. Wasting money does not seem to be countenanced here. People are, stereotypically careful with money, and that means my money too. Council Tax has been frozen up here for the past two years.

    So the end is what will happen next. Since we are having a debate about independence in Scotland, and since the SNP hold power, however tenuously, what I expect is an increasing crystalisation of a clearly other identity to rest of the British Isles, based upon an understanding that we are people and not sheep. I expect those elected to represent me to look and listen to what I want. I feel the SNP is doing this. The are not perfest, oh no, but they provide me with a convenient alternative; one that those down South do not have. England has no choice of direction. A change of government to Tory will change very little.

    I understand things best by looking at examples. For example, when the Scottish fishing industry (something very dear to my heart) was in difficulty when the cost of marine diesel nearly doubled, the SNP provided a small but significant bail out. It is things like this which make a difference to communities and national identity, especially since the Fisheries are being emasculated by EU quotas.

    In my own life I do not have a TV, on principle because I refuse to support the BBC or their system of exhtortion. If more of us did that, the BBC would collapse and perhaps we might find that all that propaganda it pumps out would go away, since only an organisation which survives by threatening its subscribers can afford to make such programmes.

    To much, I am rambling, but it seems a shame to ditch it now.

  7. ww - that's one of the most compelling invocations for voting SNP I've ever heard. Perhaps a vote for the SNP may be a positive, revolutionary vote - the flaw IMO? We are voting for politicians, professional politicians, probably the least able consumers to take control of anything - it concerns me that we have big state, big business whilst the population figure little, other than to be exploited or handed indulgences to secure power for inappropriate grasping politicians.

    The SNP may be less tainted than the others, but until they propose real change and true enfranchisement they are part of the problem, not the solution I fear.