Sunday, 3 January 2010

Yemen - the explosive underwear capital of the world

We have a new bogey-man, well bogey-state as it appears to be.

So a Nigerian, who studied in the UK appears to have been radicalised in a brain-washing nomad's tent, sited in a desert, in a country before now only known to stamp collectors.

Just more of a fear agenda than reality methinks. The USA, and the UK - still manifesting itself as a pair of feet hanging out of the star spangled arsehole - have announced today that they have withdrawn their ambassadors.  Can somebody please inform me of a single reason why the withdrawal of our senior diplomats, in a country until 2 days ago completely off our intelligence service's radar, will make any difference?  Fucked if I know.

It might add to a heightened climate of fear though, cynical old me...

And Yemen? They will only allow us to embark on an anti-terrorist campaign within their borders if we give their failing state money, after all they are running out of oil and water.  A country that is devoid of water is not exactly a tenable location, for terrorists or citizens - Al Qaeda would be as well siting themselves in the Atacama desrt - no rainfall there, ever...

Do not be fooled, this is not about a terrorist threat, this is about a Shock Doctrine; never ending war and fear binding us, the targets we are told, to the welcoming arms of our failed democracy.

Who's next?  Well he did study in the UK, what about us?  We're broke also...


  1. Well Yemen/Aden was one of the last of our Imperial Adventures as we attempted to retain some influence in Oilystan following the American tuck up that led to failure in the Suez debacle. ( Wow, thanks Polaris, I've always wanted to use 'debacle' in a blog post!).

    I expect that there will stil be a few local maps lying around in the Foreign Office and maybe a few old ex-SAS duffers with a bit insider knowledge to be ignored.

  2. The Yanks have yet to catch on that the Tartan Taliban - operating from caves in the remote mountainous regions of Alba - have infiltrated the highest levels of government in the UK. Their cunning plan is to destabilize the west through gross economic mismanagement and social malengineering. Their goal - to introduce a extremist "We Free" government in the UK and - ultimately - the US. Och aye - wha's like us.

  3. Banned, always happy to hellup with vocabulary, though not really down to me. Oilystan - that's funny, of course BP had a joint venture and exclusivity on Iranian oil through BP Irano British until the 80s - Cairn Energy maintain massive interests throughout Asia to this day. But if we are to believe the government's involved it's nothing to do with long chain hydrocarbons, but a clear and present danger to us freedom loving citizens and subjects of the west.

    I doubt if our government would want to take advice from experienced hands, like the idiots they undoubtedly are they're destined to repeat the mistakes of the past, ad infinitum...

    Subrosa, that's very funny - possibly a humorous post in that one?

  4. Damn few, and they're aw deid.

    Favourite toast of my Uncle and yes, he is deid.

    It wasn't the booze that killed him, it was Australia and all those prawn barbies.

  5. Banned

    Google Sir Ranulph Fiennes of 7 days, 7 Continents and 7 marathons fame after his quadruple bypass.

    He also cut off a few of his fingers off with a Swiss Army Knife, after getting frostbite on one of his earlier Boys' Own adventures.

    He was in there.

  6. Oops, sorry scunnert (thanks bugger), mistakes are allowed here - we are only human after all. Scunnert that would be a funny post tho'.

  7. You called Polaris? lol

    This is, as you say, a nice wee excuse for us to move our troops to Yemen because we're winning nothing in Afghanistan.

    I've a wee post ready for later but this one sums it up. Mind you don't forget about the waterways. Our politicians have done nothing about these Somali pirates who are big business and bringing deprivation to the people of their country.

    Bug, take Polaris's error as a compliment. I'm better looking than you - although I agree that doesn't say much. ;)

  8. Clara

    Where did you go during December and did you sort out the B'stad cyber-stalker come sh1thead?

  9. December was a legal problem, sorted for now. The Cyber Stalker has gone - his ISP were an enormous pain in the ass, took threats before they would agree to anything. Instant disconnection next offence I am assured.

  10. Hey Subrosa, I took your name in vain - please forgive me...

    I look forward to your post, of course the laws the seas, or lack of, and geographical scale make us look pretty powerless.

    How did that song go? Oh yeah

    Britannia rules the waves.

    Ha, two British flag ships in a week...

  11. Sorry "laws the seas" should of course read "laws of the seas". I seem to be accident prone today...

  12. Polaris,

    It should read The UN's International Law of the High Seas, upheld on all waters outside the Internationally recognised Territorial Limits navigable by seagoing vessels of course. i.e. anything outside 12Nm when referring to most countries! The problem we have is our Rules of Engagement aka ROE it's too soft thanks to the PM Gorgon Broon and his Lawyer pals.

    As for Yemen, it's been on the back burner for a few years but we have folks there, not enough to assist in solving the issues their government faces......but I think that's about to develop - funds permitting!

    Missed you in Dec 09 glad the freak is under surveillance, there are some fuckwits and nutters about and not just in Westmidden!


  13. CD, thanks for your comment. I don't doubt that we have people in Yemen, as we do in most countries - but Yemen was completely off our radar in terms of imminent threat until the laughable bombing attempt.

    How will closing our embassy improve our intelligence and dialogue with government and disaffected parties in Yemen, and why do the UK and US stand alone?

    I believe, not everybody is a signatory to the UN International Law of the High Seas, and enforcement has always been a quagmire of legal confusion.

    One thing I know for sure is that the primary role of the Royal Navy is the defence of our merchant fleet - the last week is a fail in that department.

    The freak is still around, but behaving himself - for now, in some ways I hope he restarts his campaign - would love to nail him completely.

    Thanks for your kind words - If I have to duck and cover again I'll try to give notice.

  14. As I recall, the pre-Iraq "war on terror" embraced Afghanistan and the wider Horn of Africa region. One of the (four)aims of Op VERITAS was to deny Al Qaeda alternate bases outside of Afghanistan, in particular the Horn of Africa.

    Sadly the Royal Navy is completely stuffed by the most reckless government this nation has seen...32 destroyers/frigates reduced to 25 in 2005, now 24! At least the Type 45s are rolling down the slipway and that is a pleasing sight....albeit with an order book reduced by half (6 instead of 12). This lack of capability will seriously bite us...and is doing so already.

    NATO have two squadrons - SNMG1 and SNMG2 - which rotate in the area (successors to STANAVFORLANT and STANAVFORMED for Atlantic and Mediterranean respectively). The RN reduced its commitment as part of the cutbacks, supporting these two established tasks with one ship, rather than a ship for each task as in the past.

    Defence fit for purpose, my arse, it hasn't been since Options for Change in 1998. RN are bearing the brunt of the cutbacks as well (and I'm ex RAF so hardly one to defend the fishheads!)

    Oh, I have a business idea inspired by this thread....special stain resistant washing powder for suicide underpants. Need to put on extra-white clean ones for martyrdom and all those ladies in the afterlife...

  15. Polaris,

    I assure you that Yemen was on our radar, however, certain things will be left unsaid due to OS Act! I agree all are not signatories Libya keesp trying to claim the widest bay in the Med!


    SNMG2 do not regularly patrol the Horn of Africa it is technically out of area unless NATO has changed the JOA for the MG recently. Political pressure from the US ensures that NATO assets do their bit - but as usual it si but a token lacks the tools necessary to be effective and as I said previously the ROE

    The EU have an Op running off the HoA. It's temporary HQ is in the UK at the Permanent Joint HQ, again a political wheeze and nothing of real substance, just showing WE can work together as the EU - another Union Dividend, base it all in London!


  16. CD - I think, from the NATO website, that the MGs run occasional operations but are a reaction force based in the Atlantic/Med rather than Horn of Africa as you say.

    Ips are Ocean Shield, Allied Protector, Allied Provider.

    This would be a logical Article 5 task for NATO as part of The War Against Terror....perhaps allow war-dodging NATO nations to provide a visible contribution (assuming their navies are up to scratch...I worked with French and German sailors and they were good). As you say, there is no reason whatsoever for EU to run it other than political chaff. Shame the UK government has holed the RN beneath the waterline though....

    Sorry, thread maybe hijacked(!)

  17. Jess and CD, out of my depth on military strategy, good on technology. Very interesting debate between you both, I just wonder if hindsight is significant here, there are dozens of potential hiding places for AQ, throughout Africa and Asia (big area!). We cannot possible keep tabs on them all, particularly given our current commitments to NATO and national interests. If we could, would we have been caught napping to the point where one unsuccessful attempted bombing results in the closure of our embassy?

    It is almost irrelevant how good our servicemen and equipment are (Northern Ireland?), without intelligence - foresight not hindsight.

    Thanks for a stimulating discussion.