Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I am hopeless

This morning I was up at the first peep from the bedside alarm; coffee machine on, freezing bathroom, bra and knickers inside-out on the first attempt. Pour freshly made coffee on cup in which I've put a spoon of instant - Yeuk.

I've got a day of surveying a client's site; I do hope it goes better than my morning so far.


  1. Been there - done that - kinda.

  2. ... bra and knickers inside-out on the first attempt...

    Could have been worse. You might have started by sticking your legs through your bra straps.

  3. "bra and knickers inside-out on the first attempt"

    This could be the start of a new trend. Patent it, soonest.

  4. I guess the brown stain being on the outside was the clue?

    Ugh disgusting

  5. It's worse when the bra is twisted - believe me. :(

  6. LOL - I am recovering now - completely knackered but won't tempt fate by complaining about too much work.

    Möbius strip - LOL very clever Richard. I'll try the twisted bra tomorrow Subrosa, or perhaps legs through the bra and pants on my head - who knows what level of physical incompetence I can achieve.

    MR M, we girls learn to clean ourselves?