Monday, 1 February 2010

Mandelbrot just goes on and on and on

For fractals sake, what is Labour's sinister henchman up to now?  Not content with playground games and threatening behaviour he is now asking us to believe that he is able to predict the future.

He claimed yesterday that a Conservative government will "strangle the recovery at birth" - I'm not going to dwell on the insanity of describing a 0.1% improvement in finances as a "recovery" other than to point out that I have a suspicion that the New Labour machine would have reported a 0.0000001% improvement in joke shop sales as heralding the beginning of a recovery - such is their desperation to find a positive outcome after 13 years of blind incompetence.

Now given that New Labour 13 year track record of being unable to predict anything accurately how can Mandelbrot be sure of anything?  Events happen, politicians are caught napping, governments are reactive not proactive - the government of Blair and Brown, Dumb and Dumber if you prefer, epitomise this axiom.

If the Dark-Lord-of-Everything believes for one second that we can trust his confident predictions of impending Tory doom and incompetence he is truly delusional - why should we, how could we? By his trademark arrogance he simply reinforces that which is obvious to all - New Labour's desperation oozes from every pore and the stench of death is overwhelming, it's pitiful.

Chaos - you just can't predict it, it's a bugger innit?


  1. Leaving aside your unnecessary did at me, a QE of £50 billion into an economy with a GDP, Q4, of £315 billion and results in an increase of the GDP by 0.1% (maybe) is for e a FAIL.

    This was when new cars are being subsidised, VAT is reduced and ready to go in a few weeks time (relative to Q4)and Xmas!

    The USA GDP grew by over 7% in the same quarter.

    We are down the pan and past the bend.

    We are

  2. LOL - don't take it personally, I meant no insult - BTW what's with the slutty eye makeup?

    Impressive budget figure in the US though Bugger, $3 trillion - that's about what we need to rectify Labour mismanagement over the past decade.

  3. I am crying and the mascara has run.

  4. @Bugger - very emo.

    Honestly I don't see the election of the Tories as a positive alternative, either way I am out of here - the UK is fucked, anally with a large red hot poker, our comeuppance will be painful and destroy a once worthwhile society permanently.

    The choice? Between a rock and a very very dark place...

  5. I'm out of it, although y daughters are not.

    I'm not coming back except for independence.