Friday, 5 February 2010

Please leave a message after the high moral tone...

I've been an antitheist for most of my life, for those of you who haven't heard the term, an antitheist is like an athiest - without the indifference.

I was raised in the bosom of 'good' west of Scotland religion, firstly the Church of Scotland and then the local Baptist church - the teenage move to happy-clappy baptist bullshit the first indication of my burgeoning discomfort with the hypocritical morality that permeates religious belief and its evil child, blind-faith.

Finally the penny dropped, religion possessed no redeeming features, it was simply a tool used to control the masses - one whose message had been finely honed over centuries to fit fear and ignorance, cynically exploiting our unhappiness with the human existence condition to the benefit of the ruling classes.  In short complete bullshit of the finest quality; sticky, stinky and impossible to swallow without gagging.

As I age, gracefully of course, my cynicism towards all things religious grows; the assumed ownership of the moral high ground and the use of religion to justify all things good and evil (Haiti a good case in point) are hard to stomach - atavistic notions that contribute nothing positive to the undoubted struggle that defines the life of man.  How can anyone justify a military padre or a religious war?

Battles between religious stupidity and realism abound, primarily in the publishing world.  If you haven't read Richard Dawkins bestseller 'The God Delusion' or the wonderful Jerry A Coyne's 'Why Evolution is True', you really should.

On the other side of the debate I recently came across Rick Warren's book "The Purpose Driven Life", a book (and I use that term advisedly) that sets out its ambitious agenda as "A groundbreaking manifesto on the meaning of life" - never in my life have I read such a meaningless pile of drivel, religious mumbo jumbo replete with complete speculation and inspired near-insanity - it is entertaining though.  "The Purpose Driven Life" is heralded by the believers as the most significant book since the bible - personally I wouldn't argue with that; if ever you needed convincing that religion is simply man made cretinism this incoherent jumble of language should do the trick.

Over to Bill Maher to make the same point in his much more relaxed and entertaining style:

Edit: If you wish to read Mr Warren's book Amazon currently have 591 used copies, available from 26 pence - seems a bit expensive to me.


  1. I think that you got the point across rather well yourself....

  2. I have come to view religion as a business scam.

    The model is simply to sell something that cannot actually be accessed until after death if the appropriate tithes and devotions are paid.

    Of course if heaven does not exist and, as I believe, no one has returned to tell us that it has, how the feck can you get your money or hopes back?

    Great business model eh?

    The reason it is tholed by various governances is that it indoctrinates the young and feckless to accept the crap that the "State" doles out.

    Herding sheep.

  3. @ tris - thanks I try, too hard at times :-)

    @ bugger - Wasn't the formation of the Holy Roman Empire simply a drop in replacement for an expensive Roman Empire? Cheaper to run and more profitable I believe...

  4. Meanwhile back in the Batcave,according to The Hootson the Pope believes, prior to his mission to save the heathen Scots.

    "the country (Scotland)was battling with sectarianism as a result of a "great rupture" with its Catholic past.

    So it was all the fault of The Reformation. If we had all stayed shackled to Roman Catholicism everything would now be hunky dory.


    The Pope urged his Scottish bishops to "grapple firmly with the challenges presented by the increasing tide of secularism in your country".

    Do you think that a man so intelligent, reportedly, could not join up the dots and see that the common factor in all this is the desire of people not to follow what he tells them to because he is talking nonsense?

    Tell me please what is the common thread between Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and The Pope, apart from the fact they all appear to hear voices and talk nuts?

  5. @ Bugger - un-fucking-believable. He would happily take us back to the dark ages - mind you Brown and Blair have done quite a good job of that...

  6. The Dark Ages, mmm

    Iraq, which despite Sadaam was a secular Moslem country albeit a dictatorship headed by a madman. You could buy cigarettes, beer and bottle of Scotch legally and easily there.

    Blair and Bush bombed Iraq back to the Middle ages and created the fuckfest religious abomination that it is today.

    Brown, ably egged on by Blair, has managed single handedly to consign the UK to a financial purgatory of Orwellian dimensions without the use of bombs. Some people will turn to religion as a false solace.

    The stranglehold of the RC Church has been transformed into the Church of The Self Righteous and their proselytising wings and fellow travellers, who are hell bent on returning us to their ideal of post industrialised urban peasant idyll.

    As I have said, what is the one common theme of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and The Pope, apart from the fact here are all men (I think)?


    He has a lot to answer for, this sky pixie.

    I rest my case

  7. Beautifully put oh wise and furry sage - I defer to your perfect summary.

  8. Fancy a nibble of my bamboo?

    W V = defur!