Tuesday, 9 February 2010

That's like a breach of my human rights or summit...

Me and Chesney, we're best mates, since she got back from the social with a grant for a washing machine wot we spent on booze and fags - what a larf, I haven't had as much fun since we marched to that paeds house and put dog shit through his door.  Chesney told me the local paper said he was like a children doctor or somethin' and he was pissed off, but I said "even doctors can be peeds, innit?"

Her house is better than mine cos she told the housing that the guy up sooo gave her the creeps and they moved her to one of those new ones that were meant to be posh houses till the credit crump.  She told me to do the same, it's not as if we have to give rent or summit. Her house is much bigger, and she hadn't told
buff, innit, thats like,

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